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Star Megastar 10mm owners out there? Curious about exper

I know that the Star Megastar is long discontinued but I am curious if anyone has any experiences with this gun in 10mm. I have heard that it was a heavy duty well made gun that was made to take even the hottest 10mm Norma level loads all in stride which says alot in an autoloader.

I never saw one myself but as a 10mm (40 cal) fanatic it's been on my short list along with a 5" s&w 610 and an IAI Automag IV 10magnum.

Thank for your input.
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I carry mine in a Custom ankle holster by Roopert. :lol: Actually I've never owned one but a good friend is always complaining about letting one get away. He said it really soaked up the recoil.
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Hello JoeNuclear,

I have regrets about a couple of classics getting away from me as well. I always keep my eyes open though. The Megastar was massive enough to absorb all that energy, smaller then a Desert Eagle but not by much.

Funny thing about 10mm, it's undeniably a superior caliber, a great balance between size and speed and the original answer to a 357 in autoloader that people talked about for years but many people still don't get it? I am glad that others like the folks in this forum appreciate it as much as I do. Its funny how the 357 Sig and 400 Corbon calibers faded, I actually though they very very good although they could be called 10mm Auto wannabees.

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The Megastar 10 is a very "beefy" pistol and even makes the S&W 1006 feel svelt in comparison. With its weight and wider grip frame it really dampens recoil, but the trigger shape is not ideal in my opinion. I find that when shooting my trigger finger is constantly sliding down the face of the trigger and ends up rubbing against the bottom of the inside of the trigger guard. I would think adding a bit more curve to the trigger would solve this, but I'm not about to do any customizing to mine.
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the megastar is a brute of as gun. its built solid and soaks the recoil of the hotest 10mm rounds.

i like the gun but the are a few things i would have wanted different :

1. the safety lever works opposite to the M9 beretta and needs getting used to.
2. the space on the grip under the trigger guard is limited making my fingers feel squashed.
3. since i reload, the gun does not treat brass kindly esp. not hot loads. the chamber is cone bored and the brass comes out quite bulged.

if you like 10mm , its gun for you.
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Megastar 10mm

Actually, it is a great 10mm for the price I paid for back in the day. I have the Starvel finish and it is holding up great. I fire it a few times a year. I have been buying up mags as I see them on the auction sites.
It is a brute of a piece and takes the 10mm recoil like a champ, grip reminds me of my G20 in width. Safety does take getting familiar with, also has a different trigger pull. But all in all is a great 10mm if you wanted to add one to your collection. I see them on Auction Arms and GunBroker all the time. :roll:

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