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What are you guys currently using, what have you used in the past, and what were the results using each?

To date, I've shot 10mm using stock Colt 10mm 8rd, Wilson 10mm 8rd, Wilson .45acp 8rd, Wilson .45acp 7rd, CMC 10mm 9rd, and CMC 8rd .45acp Power Mags, with pretty good success, load dependent.

Just went out and shot 300 rds. through a D.E., using the Wilson, both 10mm and .45, stock Colt 10mm, and CMC .45 Power Mags, firing 170gr. LSWC, loaded at 1.252", pushing 1100fps. WORST feeding was experienced with the Wilson 10mm mag!! (2 FTF's and sluggish first round feeds from from topped-off mags). Had absolutely zero problems with any of the other mags! Looked to me as though the Wilson 10mm mag provided considerable pitch angle constraint at front of loaded round, causing shoulder of SWC to dead-head into barrel ramp at too low of a pitch angle, while others, esp. .45 mags, provided little fore-end constraint, allowing easier rotation into chamber. In the past, I've used a lot of 170-180gr LTC handloads, and 180gr JHP loads, wherein the Wilson 10mm mags worked very well. Interesting.

Your thoughts? Talk to me, Goose...
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Here are my experiences with my Delta Elite:

1. Stock Colt 8-round magazines. Stock springs seemed weak, with Wolff XP magazine springs they have worked fine. No magazine related malfunctions.

2. Chip McCormick "Shooting Star" 9-round magazines. Function has been 100%, but they present some other minor problems. They are extremely difficult to seat in the pistol when loaded to capacity. Also, re-assembling them is a pain in the neck and if you don't seat the follower on the spring right, it won't stick up at the right angle, which will prevent it from locking the slide back. I stuck some of the Wilson Combat glue-on base pads on them and they fit just right, also look alot better than the big CMC pads.

3. Metalform 9-round magazines. I got 2 of these and they caused frequent premature slide locks. Threw them in the trash.

4. Wilson Combat 47D 8-round .45 ACP magazines. Not a typo. I had some laying around, and several people claimed that they worked in 10mm. They don't.
Old 12-28-2001, 08:39 PM   #3
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Thanks, CB.
Interesting to hear about the Metalforms. Have never used them. BTW, my Wilson 47's and 47D's (7&8 rd .45 mags) DO work in my D.E.'s and in my Burns-modified Kimber 10mm. Hey DougC, you've had similar experience with the .45 mags in a 10mm gun, right?
Old 12-28-2001, 11:59 PM   #4
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3. Metalform 9-round magazines. I got 2 of these and they caused frequent premature slide locks. Threw them in the trash.
I've got both McCormick and Metalform and it appears to me that the tubes are identical: it would not surprise me at all to find out that Metalform OEMs McCormick's tubes. However, the followers that come with the Metalform magazines are absolute crap. If you replace them with McCormick followers, they're fine.

Old 12-29-2001, 12:36 AM   #5
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I have been using CMC Shooting Star .45 mags, Wilson 8rd .45 mags, and Metalform 9 rd mags with the orange follower. All work in my Caspian single stack. The only problem I have with the Metalforms is that half the time they do not lock the slide back after the last round.
Old 12-29-2001, 01:13 AM   #6
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Yes, Dave. I use my .45 cmc shooting star mags in my Caspian ramped bbl. 10mm pingun with alarming reliability. Ran over 3k worth of 155jhps at 1350fps and 180s at 1250 this summer through both cmc 10mm mags and cmc .45 mags, with no problem. Scott Mulkerin, who built the gun, stated that some guns will run the .45 mags, some wont. Mine does, and I cant find anything wrong with the cmc 10mm mags. I am going to buy some more this winter. Enjoy the 10mm! be safe, DC
Old 12-29-2001, 10:00 AM   #7
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I've only had good luck with the factory mags. Colt sold them with and without base pads. I like the formed metal round top followers. They don't get pushed out of the way by the slide stop like the flat ones. I've tried the wilson 45 mags and the gun turned into a jam-a-matic. Maybe if I tweeked the lips it would work but I don't want to ruin a good 45 mag.
Old 12-29-2001, 10:12 AM   #8
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The most reliable mags that I have used are by far the Stock Colt Mags. I use the McCormick 9 Rd. and find them also very reliable. On thing I have found over the years with the 10MM mags is, if the lips start to open up, you start to have problems. I have a die made that I use to reform the lips and keep them as they should be.
I have found that many 45 Mags work as well as anything out there. I have some old original Devel 45 Mags that work great in my 10's.
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I've heard that Wilson's 38S mag is supposed to work well for 10mm. Ordered a couple yesterday, to see for myself, and to compare to their 10mm mag. I'll report what I find.
Old 12-30-2001, 01:29 AM   #10
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The Wilson 10 mm magazine and Wilson 38 Super magazine difference ... a quick look ... and quick measurments ...
Lips 10mm .345" 38Super .330"
Grove 10mm .490" 38Super .450" (deeper)
Back 10mm .3435" 38Super .3275" (of the magazine cut)
Follower 10mm Covex 38Super Concave
Back 10mm Oval 38Super Round (cut out where the follower is exposed)

There is about 11 years difference in the magazines. The tubes are really quite similar. The 10mm round I tried is quite snug in the 38 Super magazine do to the depth of the material displaced to the inside of the tube vs the 10mm tube (about .040").

Has anyone tried Meg-Gar 10mm magazines?

Looking for your range report Dave.

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