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Blazer/CCI 9mm 'Largo' and last of the stash

Howdy all,

Kinda read over some of the posts here where folks were talking about 9mm Largo not being compatible with the 9x23. It's been a couple years now, but I seem to recall that Blazer used advertise its 9mm Largo also as 9x23. Does anyone remember the same? I also seem to recall at least one source listing this as a cheap practice round, which is why I bought a bunch of it. I don't have a case handy, but IIRC it was 124 gr. Gold Dot HP in a aluminium case at somewhere around 1050-1100 fps. Anyone else recall? What I do know is that I did fire about 20 rds. of it through a 9x23 pistol and it worked flawlessly, and was actually quite accurate and pleasant to shoot with no indications of problems of any kind. I also seem to recall comparing the the Blazer side-by-side to .38 Super and 9x23 rounds and not seeing any obvious signs of external dimension differences.

So my question would be was the Blazer 9mm 'Largo' round really a true 'Largo'? Anyone?

Also, about a year ago I came across a local shop that surprisingly enough had a small amount of real Win. 9x23 in stock. I was quitely going up when my budget allowed and picking up a few boxes (it wasn't exactly cheap). Looks like the well has finally gone dry. Someone appears to have been doing the same thing I was. I went up the other week and it looked like it was all gone from the shelf. But I notice three dusty white boxes sitting across the back railing, barely visible. It was the last three boxes of the Winchester White Box 9x23 they had left. I snatched those up. All told, I was able to get 11 boxes over a few months, 8 being the more desirable SilverTip rounds. From the sounds of it, these are going to be valuable pieces of property unless Winchester starts making true 9x23 rounds again.

Stay safe,
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BOSS, did the same thing here when one store was going out of business; as the stuff got marked down another 5% each week, nobody knew what the 9x23 (and a couple other oddball calibers) were, so they sat there. Finally it was at 40% off, jumped in and bought all the 9x23 they had. Most was jsp, but a few boxes of the Silvertip were in the stack too.
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Last of the Stash

Brian D.

Yeah, there was another shop here that was big on the 9x23 kick (mostly due to Dane) that used to order and keep 9x23 on hand, and I bought more than a couple of boxes from him. He too went out of business a couple years ago, but it was sudden, not over a couple weeks, it was almost overnight, so I didn't have the opportunity to work a deal with him (we were on very good terms) on the boxes he had in stock. So when I came across this other shop, I was pretty surprised. I'm now kicking myself for not taking a couple hundred bucks out of the bank and buy all they had. The probably would have been over 1,500 rds. That would have been a nice stash to have. Kinda makes me wonder what other little shops around have a few boxes of it collecting dust.

I really wish CCI/Blazer was loading their 9x23 Largo round. That was a good shooting round. Top notch bullet, very accurate, pleasant to shoot, and no brass to scrounge after the shooting was done (aluminum case). Alas, it looks like the 9x23 is fading somewhat these days, despite its outstanding potential. While I really don't get to wound up over the whole 9 vs. 40. vs. 357 vs. 45 debate (they'll all do the job if you put 'em in the right place) for most encounters, I do like the much longer range and power delivery downrange the 9x23 offers. It is a fast, flat shooting cartridge.

If I ever stumble across another shop that has Winchester 9x23, I'll buy a bunch of it.

Stay safe,

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