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.38 largo

Been doing some reading and have a question. I have a spanish revolver marked .38 largo. All of the searches on this turn up at the 9x23mm area. Is this the same as a 9mm round but only with a rimmed case? The cylinder is missing the extractor so I dont know if the cartirdge will be a rimmed or need a clip. So is this a spanish version of 9x23 or an english version of the .38 special? Also would it be safer to convert it to a .38 barrel and cylinder combo?
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Might start at http://www.9mmlargo.com/index.htm

Might start at http://www.9mmlargo.com/index.htm

9mm Largo and 9X23 have similar external dimensions - see any of many reloading manuals or the Wolfe web site for cartridge dimensions.

These are rimless and for all I know your revolver uses a pencil to push fired cases out or maybe not.

The cartridges are not the same and I wouldn't say the Largo is a Spanish version of anything but the Largo and the 9X23 is a development by CP then Winchester. Neither has much in common with the .38 Special.
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The 9mm Largo and the 9x23 Winchester, while similar in dimensions, are loaded to much different pressure levels. DO NOT use 9x23 Winchester in a 9mm Largo gun.

No information about a 38 Largo at hand. Sorry.


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