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Fort Monmouth

During the 50s and 60s I was doing pistol work for the pistol team there. A Capt Frost who w8as instrumental in building the pistol range and augonizing the team which included Floyd Aikman. Sgt Kadatic was the armorer and I spent many hours with him showing him how to smith. Then there was a Commander Minard who was in charge of Earl ammo depot nearby.He was a very serious BE shooter but had problems getting 22 ammo. One night while we were sitting around, he walked in with a 3 inch round of which he had tons of.He asked if anyone could swap this round for a carton of 22s. We layed on the floor laughing. Floyd Aikman spent a lot of time at my shop and became a pistolsmith when he retired. He was a real serious BE shooter.

Believe it or not Capt Frost was born in Snowflake Az.
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I replied in length about Ft Monmouth, and lost it trying to post while my wife talked to me so I am reposting. I first shot a pistol on a formal range at Ft Monmouth in 62. My Father ( a Govt. GS13 at the time) , would not let me shoot a pistol without direct supervision(like at the Old Bridge outdoor range or the dumps)until I was out of Highschool,even though I had 2 years of junior ROTC and 3 years on the scout rifle team. That summer I worked for the Eatontown SPCA as an asst. animal control officer, and went to the range at Ft. Monmouth where my father was a serious BE guy with the locals. I recieved an Officer's model match .22 revolver , which I still have, and got taught the old school of shooting by Commander Minard, I believe , who took me under his wing as he knew my dad well. I was forced to learn all the refinements of a target shooter and of course I drooled to shoot my Dad's Officer's Model Match .38 or his .45 1911 which he had accurized in Calif. on one of his trips out there. It was only at the end of the summer and my good performance with the .22 at matches I was allowed to shoot a course or two with each of the centerfires. Cmdr. Minard let me shoot a nice accurate 1911a1 with free ammo when ever my dad was not around. I went to college and shot on the ROTC team a couple of years and my dad presented me , in front of his pals at ft . Monmouth , his Colt Officers .38, still in tune (by a Gunsmith from New Brunswick ??? Austin?) as he bought his "race gun" a .32 Colt Officers Model Match in single action only. He also started using a 'Merit' eye disc so I think he was trying to keep competetive!. Anyway that summer of 64 I was allowed to carry, by being sworn in and given a badge, that .38 as the youngest State animal control officer in NJ history. Blanch Sneddon, the head of the state SPCA (they had arrest powers) swore me in at Ft. Monmouth officers club, it WAS a different world in those days. Three years later I would be putting that training with a pistol to good use flying between firebases in Vietnam and not shooting injured livestock and rabid racoons. When I returned to NJ in 1970 it was a different world, and the old timers wern't shooting at Ft. Monmouth anymore.I left NJ because I didn't like the new gun laws!People don't realize Ft Monmouth and the old Sea Bright NJ rifle ranges have a proud and long history in the target shooting history of the US! 8)
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Ft Monmouth

Gordon, you and I could write a book about the great days of BE shooting in NJ. I worked on a load of revolvers in those days and your Dads may have been one of them. When Cmdr Minard retired he bought a large place in New Hampshire and started a tree farm. My wife and I visited him a few times. What a beautiful place.

Capt Frost was quite aguy. We would be at a match somewhere and he would tell me not to trip over the case of ammo he put in my car.

Other than the bad gun laws, N>J> had many good pistol ranges. Like Teaneck, Secaucus, Laurel Hill, Paterson Tenefly Sussex, W0oodbridge and many others.

Its sure nice to dream about them. Austin

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