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950 jdj

anyone have any info on this cartridge ?
supposed to be a 20mm vulcan shortened (cut) and necked down to 95 cal ? ...
just found out it shoots a 3600 grain slug from a bolt action rifle , that should be fun to shoot...

"I MISSED ! But I never miss! hunh ! they must be smaller than i thought ...

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sounds cool, but wouldn't it have to be necked up? if 20mm = .787" and i'm guessing the bullet diameter is .950"?
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founds some photos at SSK's website:

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Perhaps I can shed some light in this area as I have met the owner of this gun several times. Several years ago at the Valley Forge Gun Show near Philadelphia PA. I met an elderly gentleman in his 70's who showed me a cartridge from a gun That SSK industries had made. The cartridge was a 460 weatherby case necked up to 50 cal. to take 750 gr BMG bullets. The gun was for all intents and purposes looked like a Remington XP100 single shot pistol on steroids. weighing in at about 8 lbs. I believe. The bolt was removed and the cartridge was dropped in from the rear. then the bolt was replaced to fire the gun. a SSK brake on the barrel and a T'SOB mount with a 2 power Leupold scope helped control recoil. (although thats not what the owner really wanted.) Ray was a person who literally loved recoil. and told me that what he really wanted was a gun that would "knock me back into the next county" After a while he set J.D. Jones to work on that very project. after about several months and about 8000 dollars later Ray got his wish. The cartridge is indeed a shortened 20mm case with a neck for a .95 caliber bullet that weighs 3500 grs. The length of the case was set by the B.A.T.F. so as not to constitute a "destructive device" requiring a federal tax stamp. The rounds cost 40.00 each. the individual bullets ( machined turned bronze ones) are 10.00 each. (I am pursuing casting these for him out of lead like the original bullets as supplied with the gun for a lower cost than the current machined ones.) The gun weighs about 65 lbs. The gun now generates the recoil that the owner wanted. Ray is now 80 and says he is starting to feel some of the onset of old age, but he still continues to fire this gun. God bless him.
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The 20MM is also a bottleneck, and the case head is about 1.5" across, if memory serves...It is also electrically primed, in standard trim. I wonder if there is a standard technique for drilling out a primer seat in those cases?

I wish I was related to JD Jones! That is one cool fellow, with some truly bitchin' ideas!

Regards, and thanks for the pic page--


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