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Old 12-26-2003, 05:10 PM   #1
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357 Sig in a HiPower

I'm surprised there isn't more interest in a 357 Sig HiPower. I always thought the HiPower, with its all steel construction and long barrel, would be a natural for this cartridge, but I guess it just isn't so. I was surprised at the bad experience BarSto had but can't really draw any conclusions since they (apparently) never released any details of the problem. Comments, anyone?
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Old 12-27-2003, 05:21 AM   #2
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Personally, don't see any reason for either the 40S&W or the 357SiG. I had both in other semis but could never find a place for either in the lineup, they added two more items to be stockpiled and so I dropped both. Some folk may want them but I don't see any reason to modify the HP for them.
Old 12-27-2003, 06:09 AM   #3
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I happen to agree with Jim, not being a fan of either the .40 or .357 SIG.

Relative to the BHP in .357, I had one that was based on the .40 caliber which ran just fine and never had any problems. The new owner is still a friend and likes the pistol. If you plan to convert one, it needs to be a .40 cal BHP and not the 9mm.

My old pistol had the Bar-Sto barrel and was built by Cylinder and Slide. I'm not sure what problems you are referencing, as this always ran great in the .357 SIG. However, it did have MANY problems in the BarSto .40 caliber barrel. C&S finally replaced the barrel with a newer design BarSto that had a small extended barrel hood/nub and needed clearance in the breach face, in order to stop rounds from jamming the nose into the barrel hood.

I have to admit, that I really like the BHP in its 9mm configuration and just bought a Practical Model to send to Ted Yost. However, I never could enjoy the BHP in .40 or .357 SIG. The balance was significantly changed with the larger slide and the different recoil impulse with the .40 or .357 didn't fit the gun.
Old 12-27-2003, 08:55 AM   #4
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if you really want to consider this project, you might speak with don williams of the action works as he does it. you are correct that barsto dropped the 357 barrel, but kkm still offers one. good luck with the project.
Old 12-28-2003, 04:59 PM   #5
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Yes, please keep us updated on this. I keep thinking about this conversion, mainly bacause it looks pretty simple & adds another caliber. I'm not sure we exactly "need" it, but don't think I can argue against .357 ballistics out of an autoloader.
Old 12-29-2003, 02:10 PM   #6
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Ray and Jim: (Oh, no, I disagreed with Mods, I'm doomed!)

You guys better not read my post in that other BHP thread--I was just practically gushing over my BHP in .40 S&W... I've wondered about that .357 Sig possibility, but hadn't gotten all that serious about the idea, yet anyways. Reckon for now I can get by with 11 measly 180 grain jhps, if I place them just right? :wink:
Old 05-17-2004, 03:44 PM   #7
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I'd like to try out a 357 Sig HiPower sometime.

I'm not a 40 fan, but do have one 40 in my BHP family. While I also feel the entire BHP "feel" is destroyed, I grudgingly admit that it does shoot quite well. And I haven't found many 40s that would. But I've only tried Glock, HK, CZ, Sig-Sauer, and Beretta.
And it still feels better, and is handier than a 1911 to me.

I've always liked the 38 Super's performance potential, but wanted it from a smaller gun than a 1911. I've wondered if a 40-sized BHP in 357Sig would do it. A little more zip than a 9mm, a little smaller gun than a 1911.
I've had two 357 Sig guns, and they were very accurate shooters. I still have one- a Sig P239. It was worth keeping for it's accuracy alone. Judging from the two 357Sigs I have owned, and what I've read, it's easily a more accurate round than 40, and maybe the 9mm. I'm curious how a well done 357Sig BHP would be like for that reason alone.

If they started making one(doubt it), or I came across a good deal on a barrel, I'd try it. But I wouldn't put much into making one up.
Old 05-18-2004, 08:15 AM   #8
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Not to run down anyone's choice at all (if the .357 Sig is yours then go for it) but I figure a better cartridge is to blow out the bottle neck and put in a .40 caliber bullet of about 165 to 180 grains

I have a couple of Brownings in .40 S&W and they are fine but for some reason I did not warm up to them like the original P-35. They are heavier and have a thicker slide and just arent a "nifty"....now there's a technical gun term for you

I recently converted a 70s "Half-Power" to .356 TSW which claims to launch 125's at 1450 and 135 Hydra-Shoks at 1280. I have shot it but have not yet chronoed the loads (may get to this afternoon).

I am not sure what it is good for either but it seems to still work OK with 9mm and until the ammo dries up it is not really expensive to shoot. Not only is it trim but it still holds more rounds (16 with a Mec-Gar flush mag). An 11 shot .357 is not as attractive to me as a 9 shot .45 but then perhaps I am weird.

Next I am thinking about trying a Glock 17 but I am a bit leery of the polymer frame. A "ka-boom" in a stell gun is merely disconcerting, in a plastic one it can be a bit painful.

Press on!
Jim Higginbotham
Old 05-29-2004, 05:19 PM   #9
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Yes I am stalking you.....Bwahahahahah(Evil laugh reminescent of Vincent Price....well almost :roll: )

A KB in a plastic framed pistol has been described as "Like hitting a fastball off of the trademark on the Bat".

On the other hand a KB in a steel framed pistol with wooden grip panels always results in a couple hours of picking splinters out of ones palm, and sometimes worse.

Steel reinforced rubber or synthetic grip panels reduce this some, but the last KB I saw with a 1911 and Hogue grips was pretty nasty.
Grip screws become projectiles at times as well.

If ya do the Glock, consider the G19.
That way when ya get bored with it, I can nag at you to sell it to me :lol: .

Good site over here!

Old 05-30-2004, 04:05 AM   #10
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Welcome! Be careful over here. You hang out here and pretty soon you are spending enough money to finance a Safari!

Kabooms are nothting to sneeze at in any gun. I have not been on hand for the dreaded Glock KB but the one that happened on Toms range was pretty bloody and could have been serious eye/facial injuries also was it not for safety glasses.

I recall my first fisit to Col. Cooper's Lair. I noted the "Super 9" (someone else dubbed it the Super Cooper) and asked why it had plastic stocks on it instead of those nice skip checkered stocks*. His reply was that it blew up about every now and then and he got tired of picking splinters out of his hand

*In point of fact, as Dan Waters pointed out to me, the Super 9 did not have skip checkered stocks but the Col. did not correct me...that is his way. Only if it had been important to the conversation would he do that.

When I was experimenting with the 9mm Express (a 9X24 if you will), I blew up a set or two and finally put on some Pachmyers with the front strap cut off. They have a steel liner and this pretty much fixed the problem though they do bend

Again, Welcome. Visit us over the "Pass the Ammo" forum!

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