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First I'll say hi. I'm grateful to have stumbled on to this forum.Here's the story. I"ve had a hi-power mark III for many years. I have grown to appreciate the hi-power . I even sold my sig. I felt much more comfortable carrying the browning. Last christmas I got an fn hi-power as a gift from an old friend.I"ve grown to love this one too. A Buenas Aires Policia 1961 Surplus. Shoots great. I replaced the magazine catch myself after a few failures to feed.and replaced the grips. This took care of the problem. I would like to send this old workhorse to a gunsmith to be reworked. ( i.e. get rid of mag disconect, rework trigger etc.etc.) It deserves new life. Do any of you have any info on the history of these old fn hi-powers and who should i send it to ? -Thanks
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I have sent my HP to Cylinder and Slide. Check Bill's website out. If you send it to him, have Ralph work on it. It will come out one fine shootin iron.
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Hello again -Does any body have any info on the fn's ? ( NOT FM ). I would love to know a more about these buenas aires hi-powers. Are they a good enough gun to justify the cost of an upgradeing by a gunsmith? THANKS
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Check out cruffler.com. They had a review of the argentine HP's.
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Thanks for the cruffler tip. I guess what I still want to find out is if my 1960 FN is a Mark I or Mark II and what the difference is?
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Hello. It's pre-MkIII or III and the classic HP most are familar with from days gone by.

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What you have is a contract gun made by FN in Herstal, Belgium. It was made for the Argentine military and police using the Browning HP-35 design with the internal extractor. For all intensive purpose it is a Belgium Browning. Hope this helps you.
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Thanks for the information. I have owned this hi power for a year now as well as a MK III. I have replaced the magazine latch, removed the magazine safety and replaced the grips. I practice with it twice a week. It functions flawlessly inspite of a bit of slide to frame rattle. The groups are getting better and better. This year I will send it off to one of the gunsmiths that are mentioned on this forum and have whatever improvements that I can afford done to it. I know this old FN will be good to go for another 40 years of service." IF I COULD ONLY KEEP JUST ONE, IT WOULD BE THE HI-POWER".
P.S. I carried a SIG a while back for a few months and it never felt as comfortable as the high power. It's an excellent pistol, but I got rid of it , So much for new and improved.

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