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Guys, I realize this is a BHP forum, but I wanted to get the opinion of Browning fans on the now-discontinued BDM. Does anyone have experience with this pistol? How does it compare to the BHP in terms of reliability, accuracy and ergonomics? A shop near me has one NIB and I'm tempted to buy it. Feels good and seems to be set up well for us lefties.
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Hello. Some folks like them, but they're just not "right" for me. I've only shot one once and it was reliable. I'm told that extra original capacity magazines are very difficult to get.

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Do a search on the forum section over at http://www.fnhipower.com . There are several BDM posts over there.

Most that I have read say that it is a good gun, but it should've been designed to use the same magazine as the Hi Power. Since it uses its own mag design, finding hi-cap mags can be a real problem.
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The BDM was the first Browning that I purchased, I was talked into it by the salesman who stated that it was thinner than the High Power and held more rounds. What he didn't tell me was it only came with one magazine and extra magazines were $100 each. I had strapped together a lot for the pistol and was upset that I couldn't get hicap magazines for a decent price (this was 1996).

I also did not like how the thumb safety operated (pressing down activated the safety, so you had to press up to fire -- very different than what I was used to and I didn't like the idea of having to change my thinking or training to work with one pistol that I intended to carry occasionally). I also didn't like the small slide stop, too hard and small to depress in slide-lock. I would press down on the thumb safety to release the slide (as mentioned in the owners manual), but that put the gun in safe, so I had to push up in order to fire. Just didn't like that idea at all. Of course now I don't use the slide stop at all, I rack the slide after a reload to get the gun into battery. Gross movements are a lot easier to perform under stress.

It shot well, just the ergonomics didn't suit me. Oh and now I don't trust salesmen as much -- know before you buy. Now I own a few High Powers and am totally happy. :smile:


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On 2002-01-08 09:29, Leftyman wrote:
".......opinion of Browning fans on the now-discontinued BDM.....compare to the BHP in terms of reliability, accuracy and ergonomics? A shop near me has one NIB and I'm tempted to buy it. Feels good and seems to be set up well for us lefties.
Am answering as am both LH & own BHP's & a BDM. Have learned to get by with the @$$-backward's safey/decocker and also like the feel, ergonomics and nice slimness the BDM has. Feel you can't compare this pistol to
the HP other than the fact that it was made by Browning. For me it would boil down to what kind of $ this dealer wants bottom line. If you're a HP kind of shooter & he wants as much for it as {even} a good used BHP then no, I'd pass....... The going price for BDM "Hicaps" is ca. $125 ea. but often CDNN has had OEM 10 rnd. ones for $15 ea.{on sale}.


Also remember almost no {or none?} aftermarket stuff like Novak or Heinie sights are made for the BDM. Have kept mine as a "fun" gun but for CCW it would have to be a HP {only between the two}.

"Speed is fine. Accuracy is final." CT

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Thanks to all. I went ahead and got the BDM and fired it yesterday. I liked it a lot. Yes, the safety setup is unusual, and yes, having to use 10-round mags is a pain, but the piece feels darn good and shoots where I point it. I also like being able to insert a fresh mag and close the slide using the safety lever without having to change my grip on the pistol to operate the slide release. I won't be trading away my HP, but I will be keeping this one.

(Thanks for the tip about CDNN, I'm ordering mags today.)
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Leftyman, I for one am glad you bought the BDM. Why? Its accuracy is close to my Wather P88 and that isn't to be sneezed at. I gave $275 for mine from CDNN and I have never regreted it. The BDM failed because it is a 9mm and the police in the US want 40 S&W and 45acp. In conclusion, I much prefer the BDM to my FN49 pistol. Regards, Richard
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I bought one in 1995, nib. The gun shot fine, but I could never get used to whether or not if was in DA, SA or something in between. I did luck out and fine 6 hi cap mags for $35 each. Sold the whole thing to my brother in law for $400 two years later. He loves the darn thing. I bought a .40 Practical.

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