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Colt Hammerless .380

I have had the opportunity to shoot both the .32 and .380 versions of this oldie. The .32 has been one of the best pointing pistols I have ever handled,and 7 yards no sights puts 6 into a palm of your hand pattern with rapid fire.I had hopes the .380 would do as well but it doesn't. Two problems : FTF every fourth round or so despite different ammo. Second it shoots to the left three inches from poa at 15 yards. Are these fixable problems or is best to leave as a 95% collector piece. BTW why hasn't any one made a clone of these really cool pieces?
SS or even a PM version.
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If memory serves me, I believe a manufacturer in Texas made a clone of these in stainless, about 15 or 20 years ago. Seems like it might have been Alamo Arms or Lone Star Arms. Can someone help me out with this one? It really never took off. I sent an inquiry in response to a small ad they ran, and they wanted just too much money for them and they wouldn't ship to my FFL dealer C.O.D., and with no track record, I didn't want to just send the money with no "assurance" of delivery.
Like yourself, I fell in love with the design. I don't find the .380s to be inaccurate, but they have quite a bit of "bite" for such a light round. The .32 is just plain fun to shoot. I think Colt could do well to bring them back again!!!! They are super flat, and carry very comfortably.
Best of luck,
Jeffro (Jeff)
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The old pocket model Colts are indeed lovely pieces of weaponry. I enjoy mine, but seldom would think to carry one of them even though I have several spare magazines. The concealed hammer in my book makes it a "carry with chamber empty weapon." I suspect that, in combination with the cost of manufacture and the arrival of the double action pocket autos sealed its death sentence.

Interesting isn't it how many folks comment on the sharp, abrupt recoil of the 9mmKurz/380 ACP round. Many rather ignorant sorts use it to pillory the Walther PPK and PP family of arms as if they are somehow inadequate because the recoil is sharp. What's most amusing is the number of folks who find 9mm Short autos hard to handle but allegedly are combat masters with Titanium 357 & 44 Mags, J-frame 357's, a host of short barred 44 mags and a myriad of miniaturized service calibre sidearms.

As a sidenote, however, my old friend Paris Theodore who, though he once made an extremely compact supressor, found the 9mmKurz an extremely difficult calibre to supress and much preferred to work with 22, 32, and 9mm Parabellum wpns.
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LOVE the Colt pocket 32's and 380's. I agree they point, shoot and carry....GREAT. I would beg Colt to bring them back, but that I'm afraid they'd never do, for many reasons.
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I have a Colt Hammerless .380 made in 1920. It is a great gun to shoot-very accurate. Mine also handles sxt, gold dot, and silvertip hollwpoint ammo without a failure. They are going up in value because people who have carry permits like them. They are very easy to conceal.

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