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Python front sight

Anyone know of a source for a fiber optic front sight that will replace the pinned in front blade on a Python? Thanks in advance.

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There doesn't seem to be anything available for the Python, just S&W and Ruger revolvers.

I'd suggest a call to Brownell's. If anybody offers anything, they will know about it.
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Python Fiber Optic Front Sights

To aid in my indoor range and low light shooting, I am also very interested in locating a fiber optic or enhanced front sight blade for my Colt Pyton. If it works out I would also like to install an enhanced fiber optic front blade on my Diamondback and Trooper Mklll. Each one of my revolvers currently have R/R and W /O sights and would welcome upgrading these sights.

As of yet, I have been unable to find a sight manufactures making a complete night sight package available and or for a bolt on fiber optic front sights for any Colt revolvers. On the other hand S&W and Dan Wesson seem to be the only revolvers with the fiber optic front blade readily available.

With out fail Champion gun sights do make an Elliason style rear night/tritium sight # 860-391. These particular sights are so new to Champion they as of yet are not not shown as available on the website. See In addition, Champion claims to be currently making an enhanced front blade and to be available by the first quarter of 2008. Fusion also offers a complete night sight package using a Bomar style rear trituim sight with a 1911 front sight blade. They claim the 1911 style front blade, offered with the package, can be machined to work as a front trituim blade for the Colt revolver.See

I believe that it is the front sight blade that needs to be enhanced over the readily available trutium rear sight blade. For some reason sight manufactures have currently concerntrated on enhancing rear sights. Before I commit, I am difinely going to wait for one of these sight manufacturers to come up with a matched set or at the minimum an enhanced front blade for for one of my Colt revolvers.

While I wait for one of these sight manufactures to offer a fiber optic or triium front sight blade for my Python has anyone out there found gunsmith that has set up a Colt revolver with fiber optic front sight blades? If so please advise.
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There's a problem these days in dealing with Python front sights.

When Colt changed the Python from the old style barrel threads to the new style, they also changed the front sight to a single pin type.
Many people assumed that Colt simply used the old 6" Diamondback front sight which was the exact same sight as the Python version, only with one hole.

In fact, what Colt did was change the sight type to the same front sight as used on the Colt Trooper Mark III, Mark V, and King Cobra.
These sights are TOTALLY different from the original Python sight, and the sights WILL NOT interchange.

So, if your Python has two pins, you need an old style sight, if it has one pin, you need a King Cobra type sight.
Since Colt stopped production on all double action revolvers by 2003, few companies are making replacement Colt sights or the new fiber optic "Fire sights" for them.

What this means is, you'll most likely have to find a gunsmith who can manufacture or alter a front sight to fit a Python.
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Re: Python front sight

Frank Glenn custom mills fiber optic sites for pythons. The one he did for me is great (esp w/ the champion rear).

If you have a ported barrel, a common problem is that it makes the fiber optic impossible to see. A simple trick is to just remove the fiber optic ;-) You then are left w/ a open hole that is easy to see through and never gets smudged.

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