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Cylinder Disassembly-Colt OMM and Colt 357 Models

HI ALL..Have recently acquired one each of these FINE revolvers...How do you disassemble the cylinders...?? How do you determine if they have a one piece or two piece ejector rod..?? My 1975 Python has a two piece ejector rod...I remember seeing a tool for un screwing the ratchet...BUT if used on a two piece ejector rod you'll break the ratchet...etc....Where can one purchase this tool if i can determine these 2 reveolvers have the two piece ejector rods..??? :roll:
PETE :roll:
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The new ejector rod assembly came out in the early to mid 1970's.
Since the OMM was discontinued in 1969, and the 357 in 1961, they'll likely be the old style.

A good test, is to put 3 FIRED cases in the cylinder as a ejector support, put the knurled ejector rod head in a well padded vise, and turn the cylinder counter-clockwise.

If the knurled head unscrews from the rod, it's an old style.

I'm retired now, so I don't know where to get a ejector wrench these days. You might give Brownell's a call, they'll probably know, or may even have them.

You can use a purpose-built wrench, which looks like a handle with a hex hole in it which fits over the lugs on the ejector, or you can make a handle with three large diameter pins in a triangular arrangement that fit the ejector cuts.

For a good picture of the wrench, and for the very best instructions on IDing and disassembling the ejector assemblies, invest in a copy of Jerry Kuhnhausen's book, "The Colt Double Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual, Vol. One".

This shows the wrench and how to do the job without damaging the delicate threads.

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