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Colt Diamondback Issues

Hey everyone! Great sight! Been a lurker and decided to join in with a question for ya.

Have a Diamondback in .38. The hand was mauled and needed replaced. After several attempts with other hands, I'm nearing my wits end and am eyeballing my sledgehammer. Does anyone recommend someone that works on these beauties? I hate giving up on this project but I've put waaay too many hours into this little gem.

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I would think just about any good gunsmith worth his salt could properly fit a new hand in a D frame Colt. The question is, why was the original hand "mauled"? Is there is an underlying issue that needs to be resolved? Is the cylinder rachet in good shape? You could also send it back to Colts and let them fix it. Just some random thoughts.
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Unfortunately, there are only three companies that I'll recommend to do Colt revolver work.

The problem is, few gunsmiths today really understand the old Colt action, and usually do more harm than good.
The old Colt action is complicated, NOT obvious in operation, and has nothing BUT small working surfaces.

Each part serves AT LEAST two functions, and these are often unrelated to what LOOKS like is going on.
The old Colt action has NOTHING in common with other guns like the S&W and Ruger, and few people today know how it operates

Many local 'smiths will TELL you they can repair Colt revolvers, but they are NOT qualified to do so, and invariably cause more trouble attempting to repair an action they really don't understand.

So, I recommend:

The Colt factory.
NOBODY knows more about Colt revolvers than they do.
They are usually the fastest, and cheapest, and their work is top quality.

Cylinder & Slide in Nebraska.
C&S is a top custom shop, and I recommend them more for real custom work, instead of for straight repairs.
Their expensive and slow, but VERY good.

Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters
1330 Center Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(412) 766-6100
Pittsburgh used to be Colt's over-flow for warranty repairs. They have a large stock of genuine parts.
They are as good as the Colt factory for straight repairs and adjustment, and turn out top quality work.
They are fast and reasonable on price.

I STRONGLY advise you to use one of these services, since usually what happens with other 'smiths is, you wind up having the original problem fixed as well as other problems caused by the other guy.
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I'd like to know what happened to the hand myself. It was for me to work on and after a lot of reading and trial and error, I am at my wits end. I might just call Colt and see what they say.

Everything else internally is just fine. The ratchet is better looking than most. Just the bottom catch on the hand was mangled pretty bad.

I'm short on engagement on the bottom part of the hand rotating the cylinder. I've tried stretching it but it's getting close to too much and I don't want to crack another one. :roll: I only need about .05 max to go but just getting tired of beating a little piece of $15 metal to submission.
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There are a number of reasons why a hand will seem too short, that are NOT related to the hand itself.

Again, each and every part in a Colt serves AT LEAST two functions, and these functions are NOT necessarily related, nor obvious.

In other words, you're "short" hand, may NOT be short. It MAY be something else that doesn't seem related to the hand.

This is why I recommend very few sources of Colt revolver gunsmithing.

In a Ruger or S&W, problems are fairly straight-forward and obvious.
Colt's really are "different".

I spent a lot of time correcting problems caused by unqualified personnel attempting to adjust the WRONG part.

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