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What kind(s) of gun did Doc Holliday use?

I was wondering what kind, or kinds, of guns Holliday used. I think it was a Colt so that's why I posted under this section, but I'm not positive. I've searched and I just can't find it. Thanks.
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Like most of his kind, the Doc used a wide variety of guns, not just one.

Among others, confirmed Doc Holliday guns include a Colt single action, several derringers, and a double barreled shotgun.

The shotgun is cut off at the forearm and the grip, and has a ring attached at the balance point.

This is a copy of a gun that was first linked to a man known as "The Mormon Avenger", apparently a man who did religious-motivated killings for the early Mormon church.

The idea is, the gun is carried slung over the shoulder under a coat.
When the coat is opened, the shotgun swivels up into firing position.

Holliday was known to use this shotgun as a barroom clearer during card disputes.

Also known Holliday weapons include several knives and a set of brass knuckles picked up from a saloon floor after a Holliday brawl.
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Thanks a lot. It is my understanding that Holliday actually despised shotguns and only used one at the O.K. Corral, and sported (but didn't use) one when he saved Wyatt Earp from some roudy Texans (which is why they became best friends, although they were friends before). I didn't know that he had brass knuckles. That's good to know. I did know about his knives, however. He kept one in his left breast pocket, and did kill a man that was looking at deadwood (burnt cards) with it. Now, my question is, do you know what year the single action was? That I'd like to know. Thanks again.
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Sorry, no idea.
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One of the few documented Holliday guns is a 7.5" Colt SAA # 11301 in 45. It is the gun Holliday contributed all his exploits in the west to on his death bed at 35, in 1887.

This from R.L. Wilson's, PEACE MAKERS, page 160.

Serial number dates the gun to 1874, second year production.

OK Corral fight is well documented in the original court records as to firearms used and by whom.

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