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LPA sights

I want to mount a pair of LPA sights on my CZ75B.

There are 2 type, the one that uses the factory frontsight (TPU), or the somewhat higher profile with it's own new frontsight (SPR).

Since the SPR seems to be the same sight, as the one on my USP Expert, I think of getting that one, but the frontsights seems so big/high.

Has anyone mounted the SPR on his/her CZ75B?

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Old 06-22-2003, 10:21 PM   #2
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I think

I've never used them, But I'm pretty sure that the Model 85 combats and the kadets come with LPAs from the factory. I'd direct your question at someone that owns one of those guns specifically, They probably shoot with them all the time but might not recognize the LPA name, assuming instead that they are made by CZ. Afterall, most adjustible sights that don't say BO-MAR in big letters are tought to tell apart without looking pretty close.
Old 06-25-2003, 10:26 AM   #3
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I've got several CZs, and love'em.

You say you're looking at options that include getting one that uses the FACTORY front sight?

That may be your only reasonable option.

The new ("B" series) CZs use a length-wise dovetail on the front sight {along with a sneakly little retention pin, and groove in the underside of the sight}, and ordering a sight that isn't specifically made for the CZ can create problems.

Because of the strange dovetail, you can't just cut a new dovetail, without making the front of the barrel look like mincemeat.
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I had a set of "experimental" LPA sights on my first CZ SA 9mm. The were the SPR style........great for competition/range work. Not good for a Carry/defense gun. The sights are world class and IMO the rear only" sight is a worth addition to your gun. Its ALOT easier to change than the finicky front sight setup.
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Old 07-06-2003, 01:39 PM   #5
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I just mounted a set of SPR-type sights om my 75B and I love them!
The SPR's come with a new front sight and it's a bit of work to replace the existing front sight with the new one, but it works great.

I also have the Kadet conversion kit, which has the TPU-type rear sight, but I like the bigger blade on the SPR even better.

I was a bit worried if the rather large front sight would bother me, but since CZ's have very low slides, you don't get the impression that the front sight is overly large...........it just works good this way.

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installing LPA sights

I just put an LPA rear sight on my Witness; it came in a box that indicated it was made by Mec Gar, but was marked LPA on the sight. It was simple to drift out the factory rear sight, from right to left as viewed looking toward the front sight, the opposite of US custom. The front sight had to be built up about an eighth inch because the front sight white dot was barely visible w/ the rear in the lowest position. I silver soldered a piece of brass to the front sight, then shaped it, filing off the dimple that holds the white dot paint so I ended up with a brass topped front sight that can be left bright, dulled somewhat with instant blueing, or blackened w/ brass black. FWIW, I've put close to a thousand rounds through it since; it works great in the field, it's stayed on, and the rear sight stays in place, unlike the "supersight" that comes with the longslide Witness uppers. Hope this helps.

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