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Are these all CZ75's Tanfoglia, Springfield Armory P9

I have a Springfield Armory P9, which looks like the Tanfoglia which looks like a CZ75, and then there is the Witness. Are they all the same maker or are they liscensed? I am curious. What I REALLY want to know is if any of these other brands Magazines will fit in the SA P9 as I never see them anywhere. Thanks for any knowledge you can share. JB
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Back when the CZ-75 was produced behind the Iron Curtain and it was almost impossible for the rest of the world to get one, Fratelli Tanfoglio designed the TZ-75. It was a simplified CZ-75 with a slide mounted, hammer dropping safety. That arrangement did not satisfy everyone, so they came out with the TZ-75 Series 88, which had the frame mounted safety that allowed for cocked and locked carry and no hammer dropping feature. The Springfield P-9's, TZ-75's, TA-90's, Jericho, Witness, and Baby Desert Eagle (probably a bunch more that I have forgotten) are all products of Tanfoglio. They make the basic parts, ship them to the various manufacturers who do the final machining and assembly.

So, these pistols are not exact clones of the CZ-75, they are a simplified design derrivative.
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Many of the different magazines will interchange between these guns and the P9.

The only problem I ever encountered was magazines from an early Action Arms AT-84S would not lock into a Springfield P9.

Magazines from the FIE, TZ, and EAA marked guns should fit fine.
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I dont know if they are a simplified version or just different.....either way Tan. is the worlds largest maker of CZ clones.
The mags are hit and miss........EAA mags will sometimes work in CZ's sometimes they dont.
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Stan is pretty much on the money except for the "Baby Desert Eagle" which is really just the Israel Military Industries Jericho 941 renamed.

Tanfolio produces the raw frame & slide castings for IMI. Only IMI gets those particular castings; no other clone or tanfolio has similar features. IMI does all the machining. They also add a Polygonal Rifled Hammer Forged Barrel made in Israel. While Tanfoglio internal parts generally fit the 941, it is generally a different (& I think better) gun than the standard grade Tanfoglio "Witness" imported into the US.

Not sure who actually finished/machined the P9 (100% Tanfoglio or Springfield Armory?? They certainly do NOTHING to the Croatian HS 2000 they sell as the "XD") but it also appears that the now discontinued P9s were better quality than the standard Witness. P9 seems more like an EAA Gold or Silver Team gun. Both were designed for competition use - specifically IPSC/USPSA. See

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Thanks for the good info. dfariswheel spoke of a FIE, I am not firmiliar with that, what does FIE stand for?

If you were looking for Mags where would you look, Cheaper than dirt? or some such mail order outfit. Thanks again for good info. I bought this gun used and tricked out for NRA action shooting. it performs much better than I do.

Need to practice....

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FIE, Fireams Import Export, Inc. They were the first importer to bring the Tanfoglio TZ-75 into the U.S. They eventually went out of business and EAA, European American Armory, Inc., took over the importation of the Tanfoglio guns.
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Action Arms AT-88, Sphinx

Was the AT-88 also made by Tanfoglio or the parts made by them and shipped to Switzerland? I have heard of but never seen an AT-88 albeit I have seen the AT-84s. Also, what about the Swiss Sphinx? In some ways it appears different than the Tanfoglios.
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For genuine EAA mags, I think Brownell's sell them.
Genuine factory mags are made by Mec-Gar.

I'm not sure if anybody is making non-factory mags, but if they are, stay away from them, they're usually junk.

I think Tanfoglio supplied parts for the Swiss AT 84 and 88 series pistols, which Action Arms then finished out and assembled.

I think the Sphinx is actually made by the Swiss.
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With the clones -- of all varieties -- and with CZs, there were at least three different makers of "factory" mags.

CZ now uses Mec-Gar for new production guns imported to the US, and EAA uses Mec-Gar for some (but not necessarily all) mags.

(Note: when Mec-Gar becomes an OEM supplier, it discontinues selling the mags for that line under their own name. That's why you can't find new after-market mags by Mec-Gar for CZs or SIGs or a bunch of other guns.)

Baby Eagles come with a variety of mags, including some with coiled springs made by RamLine (and they're not all that bad.) Don't know who makes the mags for the other Tanfoglio guns, but I know there's more than one maker.

I've got a number of EAA factory mags made by Pro-Mag, and except for their typically weak springs, they're pretty good. I've also gotten a number of EAA Factory mags in package marked "EAA FACTORY" but also marked as having been made by Pro-Mag mag... and know that some of the older CZ mags were made by Pro-Mag, too.

It's never as simple as it seems...

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