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Old 09-04-2004, 10:18 PM   #1
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cz97?nice but never ..

hello. been looking at the big 97 45acp version.this pistol said my local gun shop said is to heavy and the finish wears like crap,i feel he is pushing the springfields,but i dont like the idea that american made means [frames are made in brazil!] deal thx
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Old 09-05-2004, 08:59 PM   #2
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I'd look at a different gun shop! The 97B is an excellent pistol. Perhaps the best pistol that CZ makes. Just make sure that the grip fits your hand. I have two 97Bs and they both will out shoot my S&W, Ruger, Kimbers and Colt. Both my 97Bs have the polycoat finish which wears very well. Maybe your dealer makes a larger profit on Springfields than CZs, hence his motivation. BTW, I have had two Springfields and sold them both. Neither were bad guns, however they were not great guns either. I would never sell my CZ97Bs.

Best regards.

Old 09-06-2004, 02:07 PM   #3
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tnx,craig on 97b intel

wow u said it all!i think u got this dealer figured out better than me.the cz fits in the hand very well.i going to check out another dealer even if it's a little more$ thx again treffle
Old 09-06-2004, 05:35 PM   #4
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The 97B is a great gun -- one of the best shooting out-of-the-box .45s around.

The finish (polycoat) is very durable. (They're also available in a high-gloss blue that is almost as pretty as the old S&W and Colts.)

The gun is BIG, and the grip may be a stretch for some people. (It was for me, and I traded mine away... but have since found a source for thinner grips.) Its heavy, but not terribly so.

Get another dealer or, continue to use that one, just don't believe a thing he says. He's either badly misinformed or unethical. Or both.
Old 09-07-2004, 12:22 AM   #5
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Old 09-07-2004, 03:59 PM   #6
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Not a .45ACP fan, but the CZ97b almost changed that. Damned fine handgun!
Old 09-09-2004, 10:42 PM   #7
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cz97b got one coming!!!!

hello chevrofreak,tnx for your input too. the 45acp has long been my best,second 10mm.i guess your experience with the 97b was hot. got a glossy blue coming by pony express! :lol: thx for all the input to the forum who got back to me ,i'm thankfull for the experts on cz
Old 09-10-2004, 07:51 PM   #8
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I recently got CZ-97 and like this gun more and more.
And even factory grips could be made more comfortable by any CZ fan (who doesn't mind a bit of dust :lol: )

This is not a sale attempt but just experience I want to share
Old 10-07-2004, 03:11 AM   #9
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CZ97 is a great gun; underrated probably because it's not a "name" brand, is relatively affordable and is made in CZ. Mine initially did not want to reliably feed HP ammunition (nosedive), but the fine folks at CZ's Kansas City service center helped fix that. Now it works well with all ammo. Heavy and big but a joy to shoot...and very accurate. I fitted a Hogue rubber grip with finger grooves made for the Model 75; a really tight fit but it feels good. I won't part with mine.
Old 01-04-2005, 08:23 AM   #10
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I think I'm convinced. I have made three trips to my local CZ dealer (bugging them) and I'm ready to go on a 97B at last. I'm a great fan of the 1911 but this gun points a bit better for me.

I've got some Osage Orange in the shop that I use to restore old chisels. I think I may set some OO aside for some grips. I actaully have largish paws and would not mind a bit wider grips on this gun.

Progress report to follow.

Old 01-04-2005, 09:51 AM   #11
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I've been thinking real hard about one of these guys......please let us know what you think.
Old 04-24-2010, 10:45 AM   #12
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Hey Guys,

I'm new to this forum, but I'm active on some others. I have probably done more CZ-97 mods than most. The pics attached are of my main shooter, a modified 97 with just over 6,000 rounds down range. I have "accurized" by boring and slotting the slide for a match 1911 barrel bushing. The improvement in accuracy was a tremendous surprise, expecially since it is already accurate out of the box. The finish on mine wears very well, I was skeptical of the polycoat, but the only way to remove it is to seriously abrade, burn, or bead blast it off.

Anyone that says a CZ (97) is not great pistol should not be taken seriously.

Mine has the CZ competition hammer, tactical sights, and some other mods. It is simply an outstanding pistol. Outstanding. And I'm a diehard 1911 nut.

Here's a pic from over a year ago right after boring, slotting, and ID fitting to the CZ slide.
Old 04-24-2010, 12:52 PM   #13
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Your work looks good....any reason You didn't use the Briley Spherical Bushin'....I run them in every 1911 I shoot , one of the few boutique parts I'm a fan of....Where You from in Louisiana ? Quite a few Hands on here from the central area , I'm up north

Wild Bill
Old 04-24-2010, 02:09 PM   #14
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I'm just down the road from you, in West Monroe. We've talked on the phone before, but it's been a while. I have done, and do a lot of CZ pistol work.
Old 12-20-2011, 12:46 PM   #15
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Hi Schmeky. Myself and others would probably kill to see a step by step guide on how you worked the new bushing into the gun. Do you have any series of pictures that shows what work you had to do and what parts of the gun needed machining?

Was there anything you learned "not" to do after the fact?

I have bought a new 97B and will put a couple hundred bullets down it before I do any modifications. Get it worked in a bit first. I wonder if we could get a pinned forum post listing the modifications everyone did to their guns and what worked or did not work. I am finding there is a lot of leg work to finding all the different manufacturers that provide parts for CZ guns. I am up here in the cold north (Canada) and there are much less shops for handgun parts and ordering them in from the US can be a hassle with all the gun laws up here. It is often easier to find something already stocked up here.

My intents are not to rebuild the gun, but to improve on the little features which make a good gun better.

Stage 1: for most people willing to modify,

Replace the forward barrel bushing,
Bring in another 2 witness gun magazines,
replace the full length plastic guide rod for a steel/stainless one,
replace the 13# recoil spring with something stronger: 16# probably
Install some brand of adjustable sights, or at least more visable,
install polyurethane recoil buffer washer.

Stage 2
Replace the trigger system,
Rear barrel support tightened up,
Different and in my case slightly thinner grips,
Competition hammer replacement
Polish feed ramp for wider use of different ammunition

I realise that many people will want to swap different parts for each stage. For myself the machining of the bushing will not be difficult but for others will be horrible. I may not really need to adjust the hand grip size and will only really know that after a couple hundred shots. Others may find they need to change it right away as the grips are obviously too large or small. They are close for me.

Being new to handguns I find that I will probably be like I am with rifles and will want to extract as much accuracy and reliability from the gun as I can and these all seemed places to start.

Does anyone have a good picture of how they polished or reshaped the feed ramps on their 97B or even 75?
Old 12-25-2011, 07:48 AM   #16
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I like 97's, but have heard EVERY owner say finding aftermarket parts for mods AND FINDING MAGAZINES are far too hard. That being said, I'm out. I'll take a Springer any day(They also work, IME), as long as I can find magazines. Who cares what profit margin he's making? Find the ups and downs to BOTH guns. See what fits you better, and as long as you don't have a problem with hard to find magazines, buy what you want!
Old 12-29-2011, 06:03 AM   #17
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Can EAA .45 mags be used in the CZ? They seem to be available at most times.

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