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How do I dull down a stainless rifle barrel?

This forum seems to be divided between owners of stainless guns that want them less shiny and those wanting them more shiny. I guess I'm in the middle. I just picked up an Armalite M-15A4[T] 16" upper. The barrel is stainless. The stainless is not mirror polished, but it is too bright for my tastes. I don't want to have to remove the barrel from the upper receiver to do the job. Is there some home brewed way to dull it down to a dull matte finish?
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stainless barrel

If you just want it dulled you could get it bead blasted. I have a Smith & Wesson M-65 (stainless) that I bead blasted and it is a really cool medium gray color. No shine.
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It's pretty easy to mask off the parts you don't want to get blasted and a bead blast will give professional results.

Just about anything else (unless you practice it a lot) could end in disappointment.
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Cadjak, both N-F Guy and CMoth gave you excellent advice. IMHO, there is NO viable substitute for bead blasting. BTW--welcome to the forum, CMoth.....

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i agree, low-pressure bead blast with fresh glass will give a beautiful finish.
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Is tabbat8 method good for the Kimber PC II slide and frame
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Bead blasting is about the only practical method of giving metal a satin finish.

What blasting media is used and how much air pressure regulates the appearance.
Use an aggressive blast media or high air pressure gives a rougher finish.
Use a less aggressive media or lower pressure and you can get a fine almost pearl matte gray appearance.

Some pointers:
Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN whoever does the blasting either totally cleans out his blasting cabinet and re-fills it with NEW media, or make sure the setup is one that's used ONLY for stainless steel blasting.

Using a blaster that's been used to do carbon steel will blast tiny particles of carbon steel into the stainless, and the ordinary steel particles will rust later, ruining the surface.
I once had a customer who blasted his aluminum frame in a garage blast cabinet and he was shocked when his aluminum frame started rusting.

In your case, you might talk to Kimber about having them do the job for you. They have the correct setup and can give you the look you want with no mistakes.

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