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Melonite (nitrocarburizing) Rifle Barrels?

Does any one know of a vendor capable of preforming this process on rifle barrels?
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As far as I know LWRC is the only company doing this and because they spent so much time developing the process (about 1.5 years) they are quite secretive about it. I plan to have a 50 BMG barrel treated but I do not believe it is available to the general public. I'll ask next time I talk to them, though.
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Re: Melonite (nitrocarburizing) Rifle Barrels?

Most places I have talked to will not do rifle barrels or actions because the high temperatures that are required for the process can affect the temper of the steel as well as warping the part.
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Re: Melonite (nitrocarburizing) Rifle Barrels?

I've been quietly wondering the same thing.
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Melonite (Nitrocarburizing) Rifle Barrels?

Nitrocarburiation IS being done to rifle barrels. Sigarms and Sig Sauer have ferritic nitrocarburization process performed on the Sig 550 Series/Sig 556 rifles.

Land Warfare also does this to their rifle barrels.

Speaking with "a person within the bowels of HK" intimated (but did not confirm) that the HK9x Series (includes the MP5s as well) had ferritic nitrocarburized barrels. I cannot verify this unless I have a barrel I can destroy by testing.

I have also confirmed that "a high end bolt gun manufacturer from overseas" has ferritic nitrocarburized barrels as well. I cannot state who that is so asking is futile.

I have confirmed that Glock barrels are done in this manner. I got this from Glock about 7 years ago. I had a Glock 21 with a small defect in the barrel. I was called and mailed documents confirming this.

H&K nitrocarburizes their pistol barrels on the USP Series, Mk23, P30 and HK45.


There are also patents online: just search "rifle barrel, nitrocarburization, patent" on your google search.

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