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I latched on to one of the Uncle Mike's the other day from my pals that built the molds for Michaels of Oregon, and did a little
side-by side. I'd have to call the Michael's a better product, though not by a huge margin. What I suspected would be a weak
point on the Fobus is indeed so: the three rivets holding the paddle to the holster. The uncle Mike's has the same weak point, but
it is much less so. There are two screws instead of three rivets, and the wall thickness of the plastic, everywhere, is greater.

Holster tension on the UM is adjustable; not so on the Fobus. Both, IMO, are very secure in terms of the paddle staying with you.
The UM has quite a hook in it, which may be overkill, because can't I get either one off without undoing the pants. The UM holds
the pistol about 3/4" higher-- a matter of personal taste. The holster part on the UM is one piece-- on the Fobus it is two halves with more rivets, but I'd say this area is plenty strong on the Fobus. Both keep the pistol hugged nicely to the body. This is the only model of Fobus I have, and the only model I have compared between the two brands, so it is far from an exhaustive test, just some impressions. I do like the Fobus, except for the one weak area. Mine has seen not much
use and is loose there already.

I guess both would be subject to upturned noses by some (well, maybe not in the Glock context), but I do know a couple of detectives using the Fobus because they just aren't in a position to spend $125+, maybe more than once, to get something they like.... and the plastic paddles are awfully convenient.
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If I had the choice, I would take the U.M. holster and the Fobus paddle and ride height.
I bought and gave away a 1911 U.M. paddle because it wobbled and felt unstable, combination of the height and paddle shape. The belt model is a little lower and steadier but you have to cinch up your belt.
I'd say Fobus for a Glock or a Commander but a 5" 1911 sticks out so a post sight snags.
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I just got back from Utah, where I got to spend a week training with some great folks.

I received a T&E Fobus paddle rig for my Glock 19, and didn't use it until the last class I had on Saturday. Even thought I originally hated them, being that I am custom kydex afficionado, I must say that it is better than I expected. The paddle is really comfortable, and positively locks in place. The gun rides plenty low, and doesn't wobble when worn. The retention consists of pressure on the trigger guard, and it is as positive as any kydex out there. Maybe the "polymer", as Harry Gold likes to call it will tear from the rivets, but several people there said that they have been carrying the Fobus for a year or two, and other than rust on the back side of the rivets, the holster is still functional.

Is it ugly? Yes. Didn't people say the same thing of the Glock? Yup. I think that FUNCTIOANL is the word that needs to be applied here.

As far as the Uncle Mike's goes, I saw Tom Marx from U.M.'s and we chatted about holsters in general and kydex, in particular. Their kydex is pretty good, except for an issue I had with the fit of one J-frame wheelgun holster I saw a few weeks ago. Tom said that any problems with their kydex will be solved by the company, and he gave me a contact #. The U.M. kydex is good, albeit not "custom", it would be better than the flimsy $20.00 gun show nylon holsters do many people buy due to a lack of funds. If you like the ride of the U.M., then I wouldn't hesitate.

I, personally, have been spoiled by the excellent kydex made by Skunkworks, Mad-Dog, Cen-Dex, and the like, and I am not completely sold on either the Fobus or Uncle Mike's rigs, but I am going wear them and play with them for a while and put them through their paces, so to speak.

It's good to be back.
Old 06-25-2001, 05:54 PM   #4
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JW, your post reminded me of a comment I left out-- in the UM, the G23 does indeed rock back and forth about 1/16th. I'm sure that can be easily adjusted out, and, for my needs (the every once in a while that I will use the G for IDPA) it's not a prob, but should not be there.
Old 06-28-2001, 08:20 AM   #5
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I have to agree with Oz. I am not a big Fobus fan and have heard "war stories" of them coming apart at the seems. I wonder if their softer material is as resistant to solvents as kydex.

The Uncle Mikes rig I have are very good quality and great for the $$. The belt loop rig rides very well with either size belt. The paddle rig is okay but in a recent conversation with an UM rep I learned they are receiving a lot of complaints about how hard it is to get off. They are working on improving that as we speak.

Like Chris, I have been a little spoiled by Mad Dog, Skunkworks, and Blade Tech. However, custom rigs do not have the consistancy that injection molding offers. The UM will fill a much needed gap in the kydex market.

I visited with Tim Wegner, Blade Tech, as the Blade Show in Atlanta a few weeks back. He is also introducing an injection molded kydex line of rigs. The one I examined was very clean and he should do well with them.

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I have a Fobus paddle for a G19 and for a S&W J-frame. Both are working fine. Comfortable and secure. So secure that you can hardly take them off. In the Fobus, the heavier J-frames are really easy to carry and conceal and draw. Nice little combo. L
Old 07-04-2001, 07:28 AM   #7
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Both of these makes are great for the money. I would like to sound aloof, but they actually do the same job as my much more expensive Blade Tech.

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