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I just picked up a Glock 34, had one in the past, got rid of, now got another. I'm setting it up for IDPA SSP and IPSC Production, put on Heinies on the rear and a Dawson Optic on the front. Problem is, it won't cycle my handloads. Now my handloads are 147s at a 135 Power Factor. I put in an ISMI captured guide rod and 13lb spring, still does it most of the time. I put the stock Glock 17 pound spring back in and shot some PMC 115s, still does it, then put in the 13 pound ISMI and does it once in awhile. Now granted, I only have put about 250 rounds through the gun, so its not really broken in...but damn. So being the guru that I am, I figured what the hell. I cut some coils off the recoil spring. It functions perfectly now, but I bet that it is only about 11 pounds or so. Now it doesn't surprise me none, since I was only running a 15 pounds spring in my G35 for major Power Factors in IPSC....but my other didn't do it and my friend had also shot some of my loads through his G34 with his factory spring and it cycled. Another thing, I noticed that the 'so-called' 15 pound ISMI spring is stronger than the 'so-called' Glock 17 factory spring. Not really looking for advice here, just if anyone else experienced this. Okay, so now I'm going to go shoot about 500 rounds through it this weekend and see what happens.

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