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Which is more accurate and easier to shoot? Has anyone replaced the trapaziod sights on their M9 and had their accuracy improve?
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Not sure if my accuracy improved, but I like these better.. ... forum=22&7


I like it better than the Glock, but there are not as many aftermarket things for the steyr. I think the trigger reset is shorter, and I shoot it pretty I am happy..I also got a pretty good deal on it too..

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Old 03-23-2002, 12:20 AM   #3
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Han M40 and liked it enough that dumped the Glcok 23 I had. Sight out of mind better trigger with no "sponge" or slop even lower bore axis better reset.
Only negative is the Trap. sights mentioned above.
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Steyr does have the M9 and M40 with night sights which is the typical notch and post type. For competition, it is much easier to shoot with the notch/post configuration than the factory triagular sights, they are too hard to get good sight alignment on rapid shooting. Up close it doesn't matter, the longer shots are difficult. Of course as stated above, there are aftermarket sights available. I can tell you from my experience that not only does my Glock out shoot my Steyr, but it also is more reliable.
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Give me a Steyr M-9 anyday over a G-19.

Shot it for the first time in many months today at an IDPA classifier match. Still under 90 seconds with a box stock trigger...

I dont think I have cleaned it since maybe July of last year and a few thousand rounds.

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I have both m9 and m40 and all the Glocks. Both are excellent weapons and depends which one feels better to you. The trap sights take some getting used to, but effective. Steyr has a better feeling trigger, but Glocks are more easily worked on with more parts available. Hope this helps, good shooting.

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