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Handgun Review: CZ-75B 9x19

Overall: 4/5
Reliability: 5/5
Accuracy: 4/5
Durability: 4/5
Rust Resistance: 3.5/5
Ergonomics: 4.5/5
Trigger Pull: 3.5/5

Tell most people you have a CZ-75B and you will get a blank stare. Extol the virtues of Ceska Zbrojovka and they will likely be completely confused. A few might snort at the idea of even owning a handgun originating from Eastern Europe. This is unfortunate, because the CZ-75B is one of the best 9mm semi-automatic pistols made, period. Unbelieveably, for about $350 you get a handgun that is, in my opinion, better than a Beretta 92FS or Browning High Power, and even superior in some respects to a SigSauer P226 or HK USP9. I realize this is one heck of a claim, but my experience backs it up.

The CZ-75B was developed in what is now the Czech Republic during the height of the Cold War in the 1970s. It is a design that has been widely copied, the Tanfoglio/EAA Witness and Bren Ten being two better known examples. Its overall design is based on the hugely successful Browning High Power, but with many additions. It incorporates the slide-inside-frame layout (the reverse of the normal practice) of the SIG P210, and adds a double-action trigger with a firing pin block safety. Unlike most double-action pistols, the safety can be engaged with the hammer cocked, allowing the weapon to be carried and fired like a Colt Government Model or Browning High Power.

First and foremost, it has been 100% reliable for me with over 300 rounds fired. One remarkable thing about this pistol is how smoothly it feeds cartridges. Normally, when a round is chambered in a pistol you can hear or feel some resistance as the cartridge is fed into the chamber. With the CZ-75B they slip effortlessly in with no resistance whatsoever. Hollow point, flat-nosed lead and military full metal jacket bullets all feed with equal smoothness.

I have not had the pistol fired to test its long-range bullseye accuracy, but at closer ranges it is very accurate. At just over 7 yards I was able to put 3 rounds into 1/2" with little difficulty. In theory, that translates to about 2" at 25 yards, which is certainly respectable for a 9mm combat pistol. Unlike many 9mm pistols, the CZ-75B is made entirely of steel, which should make it very durable in comparison to an aluminum-framed Beretta 92FS or SigSauer P226. It is available in a variety of finishes with varying degrees of rust resistance. Mine has the standard flat black Polycoat finish, which is looks attractive and appears to be reasonably durable. The nickel plated versions should be very corrosion resistant, while the polished blue versions are no doubt more prone to rust.

One of the absolutely outstanding characteristics of the CZ-75B is its ergonomics. It is, hands down, the best high-capacity pistol ever made in terms of human engineering. The grip shape is nearly perfect, and the grip thickness and trigger reach are good for all but the smallest of hands. Given the pistol's 15-round magazine capacity this is quite exceptional. Only a custom 1911 has better ergonomics, at the expense of half the magazine capacity of the CZ. Speaking of magazines, the CZ-75B is one of the few pistols still delivered with a 15-round factory magazine standard; the magazines were made before 1994 and so are legal in almost all states in the U.S.. "Pre-ban" (and thus legal) 15-round magazines are still available for relatively reasonable prices ($40-50).

The trigger is better than average for a double-action 9mm. Double-action pull is smooth, if a bit heavy. Fired single-action, the trigger pull drops to about 5 pounds and, aside from some initial "creep," is quite good. The CZ-75B is clearly meant to be carried "cocked and locked" (hammer cocked, thumb safety on) to take advantage of the superior single-action trigger pull for all shots. This feature alone gives it a major advantage over almost every other double-action 9mm pistol on the market.

The CZ-75B was a very pleasant surprise for me. Really, the only 9mm semi-automatic pistols that I feel are out-and-out superior to it are the HK P7M8 and the SIG P210, both of which are several times the price of the CZ. It can also be customized to a high level of refinement, although the 1911-pattern pistols are somewhat superior in this respect. Both Evolution Gun Works and D.R. Middlebrooks perform custom work on CZ pistols and come highly recommended.

To conclude... do I really have to spell this out? If you want a 9mm, get a CZ!
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Hello. I've had extremely uniform good luck with CZ handguns as well as a CZ rifle and two BRNOs.

I think CZ makes a quality product that can be depended upon. Your report reenforces that thought.

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Thanks, The CZs are another handguns that should be on everyones short list.

Great report.
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the cz series of guns are about the best kept secret in the gun world.....you get a lot of gun for the money and they just plain perform....they are way under rated and under appreciated....i have had a cz75b for about 6 months now and have sold my browning hi power as i shoot the cz MUCH better...a shooting buddy independently bought a cz85 and then sold his hi power.....i lucked out when i bought mine as it came with 2 hi caps for $350 out the door and the store also had a stash of inexpensive factory hi caps which i snatched up....from time to time cdnn investments will have factory hi cap mags

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Mr. Smith

Have you tried the CZ97B? If you liked the 75 then you really want to try the 97B.

-Shoot fast but don't miss-
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If you have a CZ or are considering adding one to your collection, check out Hakan's Custom Grips. The below grips are made from birdseye ambione - one of many woods Hakan works with. I can't begin to describe how comfortable these grips are - not to mention beautiful!

You can learn more about Hakan, see images of his grips and his studio at http://www.imageseek.com/hakan - Hakan's email address is listed o the site.


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Does anyone have any info on original CZ 75 9mm's for sale (The ones with the Target hammers and round trigger gaurds)

I would really be grateful to anyone who would have info on this.....I've been looking for one for ages.......Damn things are hard to find.
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Hello. You might try this link if these are still available and check that entire site. The Pre-B's pop up there now and again.


http://pub105.ezboard.com/fczechpistols ... =570.topic

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