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Handgun Review: Glock 20C

Overall: 4.5/5
Reliability: 5/5
Accuracy: 4/5
Durability: 5/5
Rust Resistence: 5/5
Ergonomics: 3.5/5
Trigger Pull: 3.5/5

This is a review of the Glock 20C. It is a full-sized pistol chambered in 10mm Auto with a reinforced polymer frame and steel slide. All "C"-model Glocks have porting (holes cut into the front of the barrel & slide) to reduce muzzle "jump" during firing. You can see a photograph of a ported Glock being fired here.

First, I'm going to attempt to debunk some of the nonsense many people have heard concerning Glocks. Contrary to popular misconception, Glocks cannot pass through metal detectors without setting them off. They are, in fact, made of about 80% steel by weight. Even the lightweight plastic frame has imbedded steel inserts. This, combined with the sheer size and bulk of the thing, make it about as sneaky as a Mack truck. Glocks are not "cheap," either... they cost about $450-550 new and are widely used by police and military forces around the world. About 60% of U.S. law enforcement agencies have a Glock as their standard issue, to include the FBI. In fact, Glocks are mainly famous among those who use them for their sheer durability and ruggedness. Well respected firearms expert Chuck Taylor has a documented torture test where he fired over 100,000 (that's one hundred thousand) rounds through a Glock 17and it still works!

Unlike my Delta Elite, my Glock 20C is almost entirely stock. The only addition I have made to it is a set of Heinie Slant-Pro night sights. These are the best sights that I have seen for the Glock pistol. I also have a Glock factory 6" barrel and two factory 15 round magazines made before the 1994 "assault" weapon ban (making them 100% legal for me to own). New Glocks come with two 10 round magazines.

After firing about 500 rounds of assorted ammunition through the Glock, I can confirm its reputation for reliability. It is also very accurate and remarkably easy to shoot well Although its trigger is not quite as good as the modified one on my Delta Elite, it is not a hindrance to good shooting and is easily mastered. In spite of its very light weight for its size and powerful caliber, its recoil is unusually light. It is actually more comfortable to shoot than many handguns chambered in the much weaker .40 S&W cartridge. One reason is the porting, which really does make the recoil easier to handle. Many people express concern that porting causes excessive muzzle flash and other problems, but I never noticed much of a difference in the amount of flash between ported and unported pistols. Another reason is the very wide grip, which spreads out the recoil over more of your hand for better controllability. Finally, the polymer grip tends to "flex" slightly when the gun is fired, cushioning some of the recoil to a limited extent.

That leads to the only real downside to this handgun: the girth of its polymer frame. The grip is very large and bulky, probably close to unusable for shooters with smaller hands. This is probably inevitable in an automatic pistol designed to hold 15 of the long 10mm Auto cartridges. If your hands are fairly good-sized like mine, the thick grip is manageable but takes some getting used to.

I have fired a wide variety of ammunition through this pistol, to include hollowpoint loads made by Cor-Bon, Pro Load and Winchester without any malfunctions of any kind. If you can handle the large grip, the Glock 20C is a terrific handgun that gives you the accuracy and power normally associated with magnum revolvers in a high capacity autoloader.
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Comments: Objectively, I had to rate this gun very highly, though in truth I didn't "like" it that much. I wouldn't recommend the porting to anybody, simply because looking back on it I don't think it made enough difference to matter. If you are THAT recoil-adverse you should probably avoid 10mm Auto entirely, and anyway the extra noise and blast seemed to be about as much bother as the recoil it got rid of, so for most people it would be a wash IMHO.
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Nice review! I have to agree with you. There isn't much pride-of-ownership associated with owning the G20. You almost have to buy it for the caliber it shoots and love it for what it is: an excellent launching platform for a very powerful semi-auto cartridge.

cheers :P
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Hello, sir, and thanks for a most interesting report.

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Excellent review. I also have a Glcok 20, though mine us unported. Ver nice pistols, I agree that if you need porting, go with something smaller than the 10mm. :wink:
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I have a G20CC. It also came with the extended slide release and 3.5 connector. Its my carry gun. But I did replace the ported barrel . I love mine. Thats all from this end.

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