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Springfield Armory XD-9

Mikey likes it!

Appears to be well made from quality materials. Somebody took a good look at some good guns and paid attention to details. Was marketed by HS America as the HS2000 earlier. Several generations and improvements later it is the SA eXtreme Duty.

Kinda like a SIG P228 with a striker fired system and polymer frame. This is more what I had expected from SIG for their polymer pistol, not the sig pro SP2340 (as good as that is, I like this better). Barrel/slide/locking block lock up and take down are more like the SIG P228 than the sig pro (which is more like the P210). The locking block actually makes up the front rails the slide rides on. The slide/bbl/block are very SIG like - no surprise since an earlier pistol by the maker was a SIG P226 clone (HS95).

The triger feels like a Glock, only better - it's crisper/cleaner. Technically, it's SA (single action) - pulling the trigger releases the fully cocked striker. This may limit/restrict LE/game use for those limited to DAO guns and the old terms - they should lobby to change regs to use the NIJ term/definition SFA (Striker Fired Action). Then the XD could play, protect, and serve along w the Glock.

There is a 1911 like grip safety that prevents the slide from moving and the trigger from firing the gun until it is depressed.

Accuracy and reliability have been excellent - that means many under 3 inch avgs at 25 yds, some under 2 inches and zero problems. Durability? Looks tough as nails. The chamber walls are very thick, the case is as close to full support as you can get in an auto. The frame/block rails are thich hardened steel, as is the one piece forged slide. The bbl is a two-piece construction (chamber and tube) but that will only bother folks who don't know how many other good, tough guns have done that at times (1911 and BHP for example).

No documented record of a mil-spec T&Es I could find. I suspect 90,000 Croation cops and soldiers will wring it it out pretty well, as did SA before they put their name on it. Time will tell? My time w it so far tells me it is very good.

I shoot it as well/better w less effort than any other pistol I have had, and I have had all the good ones. More reliable than my Glocks one handed "weak" side and from odd positions or with limp wrists with either/both hands, especially with lower powered ammo like PMC FMJ.

Ammo tried so far:

Win USA 115/147 FMJ/JHP
Speer 115/124 Blazer/Lawman/Gold Dot
Rem 115 UMC FMJ/JHP, 115 +P, 124 GS, 147 GS, 124 +P GS
Fed 115/124 AE, 115 JHP, 124/147 HS, 124 +P EFMJ
PMC 115/124 FMJ/SF
Magtech 115 FMJ/JHP +P
CB 115/125 JHP
Triton 115 QS

USA 115 JHP 1100 fps
Speer 124 GD 1140
Rem 124 GS +P 1140
Rem 115 +P 1250
Fed 124 +P EFMJ 1105

Hope it sticks around. Ya never can tell w SA; some good rifles and pistols have been here today, gone tomorrow...
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The XD is definitely a world class pistol. I have one of the GEN 1 HS2000s and it's been great. I got mine back when they first hit the shelves, $300.00 OTD including tax, 2 boxes of gold dots and 4 hours of range time.

When I first started singing the praises of the Croation Sensation the most commong response was that it was a GLOCK Wannabee. Nothing could be further from the truth. About the only similarities between the XD and the GLOCK are that both use polymer and that it has a trigger safety. Other than that, just about everything from grip angle, firing system, ergonomics, take down, grip safety, loaded chamber and cocked indicators, sight picture are different.

You mention that it feels like a striker fired SiG 228. there's a good reason. Here is the HS-95 which was the model that preceeded the HS-2000.

Notice any resemblence?
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Does this look familiar:

"The slide/bbl/block are very SIG like - no surprise since an earlier pistol by the maker was a SIG P226 clone (HS95)." :wink:
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Originally Posted by MichaelOrick
Does this look familiar:

"The slide/bbl/block are very SIG like - no surprise since an earlier pistol by the maker was a SIG P226 clone (HS95)." :wink:
That is the HS-95
Old 12-09-2002, 12:08 PM   #5
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What we have here is a failure to communicate?

HS95, HS-95, XD9, XD-9, 357 SIG. .357 SIG...

Tomayto, tomahto...

I'm just glad they borrowed so much from so many other good guns to make another.
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Well, I'm not cheerleading the XD as loud as I was before...

I've shot 11 of them extensively so far, and have encountered 3 lemons.

An XD-9 that would fail to extract from time to time, and two XD-40s that would fail to cock the striker and reset the triger after chambering a round.

I'm sure they can and will do better. It is still better than my experience with 1911s over the last 23 years!
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Springfield XD 40

I have shot several hundred rounds through my XD and have been fairly happy with it. It rarely jams and has a crisp smooth trigger.

The negative is that the beaver tail safety (grip saftey), has begun to rust, which I am not happy to see since it has been well taken care of. The finish on the top of the barrel is showing considerable wear from what I think should not be so bad. I encourage Springfield to make their finish more to the standards of H&K.
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Springfield Armory XD-9


I'm new to the forum, I had to post my experience with the XD-9. I purchased my XD-9 in late 2002. I have had a chance to test it in a variaty of weather from sunny and 80, to 35 and a light rain. I have put 1,150+ rounds through my pistol, heres the performance.

1,150 rounds successful, 0 malfunctions.

I have put everything from ball ammunition to FMJ to Winchester 115gr JHP up to Federal 147gr Hydra-Shok rounds through it.

The only complaint I have had is the relative lack of aftermarket parts available until recently.

Thought I'd put my two cents in.
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Make that 13 guns and 4 lemons.

Two that often failed to extract, and two that often failed to cock the striker/reset the trigger.

I realize this is very odd, and I do think they are a good gun. I also think the magazine fit when it locks into place w the factory mags is too sloppy; too much wiggle room up and down. Was looking at a whole box of factory 10 rnd mags in 9/40/357 and they all did it. Most made some contact w the ejector when pushed up.

Recently a 2nd and 3rd generation HS2000 came in on trade, and they did it too, so it's not a new thing...

I don't think it harms reliability in any way, but may be why too many ejectors are breaking? May just be a bad run of weak ejectors? Beats me.

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