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USP match trigger and flat spring ?

Well, I think I'm going to install the USP match trigger in my USP-45. I've read through the armourers manual and the instructions and detailed photo's at streetpro.com and think I've got a good grasp of what needs to be done as far as taking the internals out and replacing them with the match trigger parts. However, when it comes to the flat spring, Streetpro advises to not remove it and the HK armourers manual suggests using a special tool. Not really knowing what special tool is needed to reinstall the new flat spring, how hard is it to reinstall the new flat spring that comes with the match trigger? Is the new flat spring really necessary as far as that goes. If I leave in the original spring, will that have any undesireable affects on a better trigger for my USP? If I should replace it and lacking the "special tool" HK suggests, what is required to get the new flat spring in there and how hard is it to do? Thanks.
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You can always send it back later for reassembly.

Good luck. HTH.
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Yeah, I got those instructions already. Printed them out and have them in my set or "armourer's binders". Good information but they also suggest leaving the flat spring in place and not to remove it. Problem is that the match trigger comes with a new flat spring for a better SA pull so the old spring needs to come out and the new one installed. Not really sure just how to do that though and the HK armourer's manual doesn't really go into much detail on how it's done or what tools are needed for the job.

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