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Getting ready to send my H&K USP 45 in for trigger work.

An additinal option is polishing the crown.
What does this do?

What does polishing the chamber accomplish?
(another option)
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Assume you mean have the bbl. recrowned then polished? It's the least expensive thing that can be done to a bbl. that might improve accuracy assuming the crown was poorly done in the 1st. place. My advice is to talk to teddy Jacobson on the phone....He will tell you what you need done & what does NOT need to be done. IIRC, he said H&K bbl's. are done right and don't usually need recrowning.
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I had Mr. Jacobson do my duty USP45, trigger job and polish (but NOT recrown) the muzzle.

It looks great. No other reason, really - but when a mope sees a big black blocky gun with a perfect silver .45 ring in the middle staring at them, the attitude usually becomes much more compliant.

As for Actions By T, the double action is lighter and smoooooooth, and the single action is light and crisp. Mr. Jacobson is a gentleman and a good smith.

Ah, I almost forgot about polishing the ramp/chamber. I personally don't think its necessary on an H&K, and didn't request it be done. Mr. Jacobson, however, was working away and polished mine anyway! He realized, after the work had been done, that it wasn't something I had asked for, and didn't charge me for it (again, an honorable guy). It looks nice, it's easier to see that it's clean, and it may actually be easier to clean. No effect on accuracy or reliability.

If you don't already have them, now's the time to have night sights fitted...

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Teddy did a Glock 34 for me and also polished the enitre front of the bbl. {had it recrowned per his advice} as you mention and as Teddy calls it:
"For its Intimidation factor"!

For those that might not know Teddy is ex-LE.

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