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A Compiled List of Holster Makers.

Hello. I found a list of holster makers a while back when searchin' for a certain Texas Ranger's Rig and have been updating it over time every since.
Maybe some of you will find it very useful as well.

5 shot Leather - http://www.5shotleather.com/
A Holster Company - http://www.lefthandholster.com/
A.E. Nelson - http://nelsonleather.com
AJ Concealco - http://www.concealco.com/miva/merchant.mvc
Aker Leather - http://www.akerleather.com/
Alessi Holsters - http://www.alessigunholsters.com/
Alfonso's Gunleather - http://www.alfonsosgunleather.com/
Andrews Leather - http://www.andrewsleather.com/
Arizona Gun Leather - http://www.arizonagunleather.com/
B&D Concealment Holsters - http://www.bdconcealmentholsters.com/
Bandera Gunleather - http://www.banderagunleather.com/
Bell Charter Oak Holsters - http://www.bellcharteroakholsters.com/
Bianchi - http://www.bianchi-intl.com/
Black Hills Leather - http://www.bhlstore.com/
Blackhawk - http://www.blackhawk.com
Blade Tech - http://www.blade-tech.com/home.php
Boston Leather - http://www.bostonleather.com/
Brigade Gunleather - http://www.brigadegunleather.com/gunholsters.html
Brommeland Gunleather - http://www.brommelandgunleather.com/
Bulldog Custom Gun Leather - http://www.bulldogleathercompany.com/
Bulman Gun Leather - http://www.bulmangunleather.com/holsters.html
C5 Leather - http://www.c5leather.com/
C Rusty Sherrick Leather Works - http://www.c-rusty.com/
Center of Mass Holsters - http://www.comholsters.com/
Combat Gun Leather - http://www.combatgunleather.com/
Cobra Gunskin - http://www.cobragunskin.us/default.aspx
Comp-Tac - http://www.comp-tac.com/
Coronado Leather - http://coronadoleather.com/
CR Speed - http://www.crspeed.co.za/
Cross Breed Holsters - http://www.crossbreedholsters.com/
D.M. Bullard Leather - http://www.dmbullardleather.com/index.html
Dale Fricke Holsters - http://dalefrickeholsters.com/
De Santis - http://www.desantisholster.com/
Del Fatti - http://www.delfatti.com/
Don Hume - http://www.donhume.com/
Durango Gun Leather - http://www.dgunleather.com/index.htm
Eagle Industries - http://www.eagleindustries.com/index.asp
El Paso Saddlery - http://www.epsaddlery.com/
Fin Designs - http://www.findesigns.net/fin.html
Fist - http://www.fist-inc.com/
Fobus Holsters - http://www.fobusholster.com/
Front Line Ltd. - http://www.front-line.co.il/
Galco - http://www.usgalco.com/
Garrity's GunLeather - http://www.garritysgunleather.com/
G-Code Holsters - http://www.tacticalholsters.com/
Ghost Holster - http://ghostholster.com/
Gould and Goodrich Holsters - http://gouldusa.com/
Gradfather Oak Custom Carry - http://www.grandfatheroak.com./
Grahams Custom Leather - http://www.grahamholsters.com/
Grassburr Leather Works, Inc - http://www.grassburr.com
Gunworks - http://www.gun-works.com/
Haugen Handgun Leather - http://www.haugenhandgunleather.com/
Hazel Leather - http://www.hazelleather.com/
HBE Leatherworks - http://www.hbeleatherworks.com/
High Noon - http://www.highnoonholsters.com/
Hillsman Holster - http://www.hillsmanholster.com/
Hoffners - http://www.hoffners.com/products.htm
Holsterama - http://www.jbpholsters.com/servlet/StoreFront
Horseshoe Leather - http://www.holsters.org/
International Handgun Leather - http://www.ihlusa.com/
JS Holsters - http://www.jsholsters.com
J.W. O'Rourke Leather Products - http://www.gun-holsters.com/
K.L. Null Holsters - http://www.klnullholsters.com/
Kirkpatrick Leather - http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/
Kramer Leather - http://www.kramerleather.com/
Kytac - http://www.kytac.com/
Lightning Arms Sports - http://www.lightningarms.com/products.htm
Little Bear Holsters - http://www.littlebearholsters.com/
Little Feather Leather - http://www.littlefeatherleather.com/
The Malabar Front - http://www.themalabarfront.com/
Master of Concealment - http://masterofconcealment.com/index.php
Mernickle Holsters - http://www.mernickleholsters.com/
Milt Sparks - http://www.miltsparks.com/
Mitch Rosen - http://www.mitchrosen.com/
Monica Kuehn Leather - http://www.monicakuehnleather.blogspot.com/
Mountain Home Leather - http://www.mountainhomeleather.com/
Nosser GunLeather - http://www.nossargunleather.com/
Nevada Gun leather - http://www.nevadagunleather.com/
Nick Matthews Holsters - http://www.nm-holsters.com/
Pacific Canvas & Leather - http://www.pacificcanvasandleather.com/
PagerPal - http://www.pagerpal.com/
Peters Custom Holsters - http://www.shop.peterscustomholsters.com/main.sc
Pistol Packaging, Inc - http://www.pistolpackaging.com/
Pocket Concealment Systems - http://pcsholsters.com/main.html
Pro Carry Holsters - http://www.theholsterstore.com/servlet/StoreFront
Pure Kustom Holsters - http://www.purekustomholsters.com/
PWL USA - http://www.pwlusa.com/
Python Holsters - http://pythonholsters.com/
Rafter S Gunleather - http://www.raftersgunleather.com/
Raven Concealment - http://www.ravenconcealment.com/
Ray's Holsters - http://www.shado.com/
Rick Waltner Holsters - http://www.rickwaltnerholsters.com/
RKBA Holsters - http://www.rkbaholsters.com/
RF Holsters - http://www.rfholsters.com/rfholsters/default.asp?
RM Holsters - http://www.rmholsters.com/
Ross Leather - http://www.rossleather.com/
Ryan Grizzle Leather - http://www.rgrizzleleather.com/
Safariland - http://www.safariland.com/index2.aspx
Sickinger - http://www.sickinger.at/
Side Armor - http://www.sidearmor.com
Side Guard - http://www.sideguardholsters.com/index.html
Simply Rugged Holsters - http://www.simplyrugged.com/
SmartCarry - http://www.smartcarry.com/
Southern Holsters - http://southernholsters.com/
Strong Holsters - http://www.strongholster.com/
Sunrise Leather - http://www.sunriseleather.com/
Survival Sheath Systems - http://www.survivalsheath.com/holsters/index.htm
TacPro (Kydex) - http://www.tacpro.com/
Tagua GunLeather - http://www.taguagunleather.com/
Talon Tactical (Kydex) - http://www.talontactical.com/
Tauris Holsters - http://www.taurisholsters.com/index.cfm
Tennessee Holster Company - http://www.tennesseeholstercompany.com/
TSC Holsters - http://www.threatsolutions.com/IWBindex.html
TT Gunleather - http://www.ttgunleather.com/
Tucker Gun Leather - http://rlcompanyusa.stores.yahoo.net/
Tuff Products - http://www.tuffproducts.com/home.php
UBG Holsters - http://www.ubgholsters.com/index.html
Uncle Mikes - http://www.uncle-mikes.com/
Vega holsters - http://www.vegaholster.com/
Wild Bills - http://www.wildbillsconcealment.com/
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Re: A Compiled List of Holster Makers.

Hey Shorts, if you happen to be readin' this thread. I just saw this morning that your site is up-n-running. I added you to the list and wanted to wish you much success with your gun leather business.

Your products look real nice, and I can tell that you take a lot of pride in your work.

Take Care,
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Re: A Compiled List of Holster Makers.

Hey Bob,

Can you please add me to the list.

Thanks, Randy
Bulldog Custom Gun Leather
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Re: A Compiled List of Holster Makers.

Hello Randy, I sure will and got you added.
Old 08-01-2009, 11:02 AM   #5
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Re: A Compiled List of Holster Makers.

Thanks for posting my web site.

Bulldog Custom Gun Leather
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Re: A Compiled List of Holster Makers.

Originally Posted by Bob Reed
Hey Shorts, if you happen to be readin' this thread. I just saw this morning that your site is up-n-running. I added you to the list and wanted to wish you much success with your gun leather business.

Your products look real nice, and I can tell that you take a lot of pride in your work.

Take Care,

Hi Bob, thanks!

I'm months late seeing this thread ops: Leather has been running well and I'm thankful there are true gentleman around to help when I've got questions on random intricacies of the business.
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Please add to Holsters maker list

Please add rockingwholsters to the holster list

Thank you
Roy Weber
Old 09-12-2010, 10:39 AM   #8
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Western holster maker added to list?

Hi Bob,

Can you add me to your list? I specialize in western style cowboy holsters and gun belts. I would sure appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Circle KB
Maker Brett Park
Western Cowboy Holsters, Old West & Civil War Shop

Here is a link straight to my gunleather: Western Cowboy Holsters and Old West Collectibles: Western Cowboy Holsters
Old 09-14-2010, 03:05 AM   #9
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Hello Brett,

I'd gladly add you to the list, but the site appears to have a set time limit on post editing and since the allowed time has past I can't edit my post.
Old 01-07-2011, 11:30 AM   #10
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Hi from Cape Town. Is it at all possible to have me added to the list of gunleather makers? My website I built is at Ross Gunleather fine gun holsters, accessories and leather products. I am trying to shine through as a custom maker after running a factory for nearly 35 years. Thank you and regards.

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