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With summer comin' on strong, and the humidity starting to rise, anyone out there use a tuckable holster? If so, what do you feel are the advantages/disadvantages to them. I think Sparks makes one, correct? I'm not sure how many are out there. Mr. Alessi, do you make a tuckable? I'd certainly be interested to hear everyones opinions of them...I'm thinking for my Glock 36.

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I`m not really fond of tuckable holsters.I prefer to just wear a button down shirt or t shirt over my IWB holster.I have had a couple of Rosen tukables and just could not get it to look right with the shirt tucked in.
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I've got a VM2 for an HK PSP. Great holster and rides really well. But, using the clips, I keep pulling it off. No matter how deep I seat the pants in the clips, the back clip pulls off about 90% of the time.
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I just recieved my Milt Sparks VM 2 from Allen Yoast and it is the most comfortable holster I own. :grin: It is very well made and secure.Highly recommended. Thanks to all at Milt Sparks and Allen Yoast for great service.:grin:

Brian W
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I have three VM2 holsters from Sparks, and have nothing but praise for them. I use the one for my full size gov't models strictly as an IWB holster, but the other two I occasionally wear as tuckables as the weather and dress requirements dictate.

The first time or two I found getting my shirt actually tucked in and looking presentable was rather awkward and made me feel like a contortionist, but it seems to be a learned skill and becomes easier with practice. I have found the clips to be quite secure, and in fact find them more difficult to put on than to dislodge. You may discover that you need to buy your shirts a size larger if they are to blouse naturally over your pistol.

Don't forget to practice the "Hackathorn Rip". :


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I have two VM-2 and they are super confy ,also it stays where you put it ,havent figure out how to wear it with the klips yet,
Great quality and service, I also reccomend Allan Yoast,great person to deal with and keeps Milt Sparks Gear in stock for 1911's.
Allan's Email is posted on Sparks website under dealer's.

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Well, I'll plagerize myself :smile:. I posted this on another thread, but it seems appropriate here as well. Thanks to David Cosby for relating his experiences with the VMax2.

About the VMax as a tuckable -- how the hell do you do it?!!

I love the VM2 design, BTW. I've got a VMax for a Glock 23 (and to his credit, Tony tried to talk me out of it -- the G23 is just too thick to take proper advantage of the VMax, but I *had* to have one).

Anyway, in trying to use it as a tuckable I found two problems:

1) I have 1-1/4" loops on every holster I own, including the VMax, however the tuckable clips that come with it are much longer, making them protrude below the belt. Very obvious and pretty much negating the advantages of a tuckable.

2) Most important -- I can't get the damn thing tucked without three hands, a jack stand and a flashlight! You have to have the gun in the holster before you start -- kind of hard to put it in *after* your shirt is tucked in. BUT, with the gun in the holster, the damn thing is so heavy that I can't keep my pants up and tuck my shirt in. Okay, picture this (or don't, if you know me well enough to accurately picture it <G>), I've got the gun in the holster, pants unzipped and ready to tuck the shirt in. I'm dressed for work, so it's a starched button-down, which needs one hand to hold the pants/belt in place and the other to tuck the shirt in. I make my way from left to right, tucking as I go. I get to the holster. Somehow I've got to get the stiff shirt into the slot allowed by the Kydex loops, keep the rest of the shirt relatively stable, keep my pants up and somehow end up looking presentable. It hasn't worked for me yet. I always end up with a crick in my neck (from twisting to get the shirt tucked into the loops) and a shirt that's wrapped halfway around my body like some starched dhoti. What am I doing wrong?

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Chad,,I'm laughing my ass off right now!!! I get this visual of you all tangled up trying to get dressed, and I almost can't type this...Tony's VMll is the best tuckable made, but I don't make one, and you just gave the best reasons not to.. :grin:
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Howdy folks,

This is my first post here but I've been a couple other places for a little while (anybody heard from the folks @ Gunspot?) Anyhow, I've just recently gotten one of Lou Alessi's Ghosts for use with my Kel-Tec P11.

http://www.rfholsters.com/rfholsters/pr ... id=AH%2DTG

While this holster ain't a true tuckable it can be worn tucked. The gun rides with the grip at the belt line instead of just above it. This means you either have to reach into your pants for it or snag it with a couple fingers and curl it up into a full combat grip.

On the subject of getting the shirt tucked in over a tuckable, I'd suggest an expedient that I've found handy. Find yourself a stretch of unoccupied wall and once you get to where you need that one more hand to hold the combined weight of you pants and holstered gun up lean your fanny against the wall so that you are holding the weight up. Basically you sandwich your holster (or just below your holster) between your butt and the wall. This should free up your hand to take care of your shirt. Once your shirt is where you think you need it go ahead and fasten your britches and get your Alessi belt buckled. Works for me!


"All cats are gray in the dark" - Benjamin Franklin.

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Hey Shortround, Welcome to the forum. Nice place, nice people too, and thanks for the explaination. Sounds like it would be fun to watch someone doing that :grin:

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