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As you can tell from my personal info, I'm very new at this.
My first semi was a Glock 9mm; sold it and bought a Sig Sauer .40. Now I want to move up to the 1911-style semi.
I plan to sell my Sig. and purchase a Kimber Pro CDP II. I have a carry license, and enjoy shooting IDPA.
Now the questions: should I stay with .40 cal. or move up to .45?
Also, should I stay with a 4" barrel for carry, or move up to a 5" barrel for better muzzle control?
I am 51 years young, 5'7" and 210 lbs. which means that I should be able to handle the increase in caliber.
Is a .45 such a big change over a .40?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Here's my .02. I would go with a 5" gun regardless of caliber. When I carried a 1911 I found little difference in concealing a Commander or 5". The .40 vs .45 is very debateable. I have a Kimber CST in .40 and a Custom in .45. The plus side of the .40 is free brass. Downside is smaller hole in target. I load my .40 long (1.200") and use 10 mm mags. There is not much difference in the recoil when both are loaded to a 165PF. The .45 is a little softer and slower during the recoil cycle. All that being said the .40 CST is my all time favorite "stock" 1911. It groups under 1" at 25 yds.
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I'll give you my bit...I'm 5'11" and weigh 145...I can carry and hide a 5" no the summer too. The question is have you carried a 1911 before? If no...I would suggest the 5" to start. It's easier all the way around...You can always buy another :wink:

I like the 45 ACP...It's the only reason there's a 1911...IMO...Get the 45 first...Like I said...You can always buy another and there will be more 40s available after a spell. This is the first year for them I think...Either way...You'll enjoy the 1911...
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I have a Kahr P40 Covert.Very small and lightweight(16oz).
But 95% of the time I carry my Kimber CDP Compact in 45. It just fits my hand better and shoots where I look. For long range target I use my custom Royal with 5". But hit almost as good with the 4". YMMV.
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I have a Pro CDP but I am looking at a Custom CDP.:grin: The other 1" of slide & barrel will be sticking down your leg? Hence you will have no problem hiding it.
If I am going to be limited to just 9-11 rounds give me 9 .45 ACP over 11? .40 S&W's.
If we were talking Glock model 22's with 15+1 in the .40 caliber I might would go with the .40.
You can choose 7 or 8 defensive rounds in .45 ACP that will give 90+% 1 shot stops.
Also if you ever decide to sell (Heaven Forbid) you will be able to sell the .45 easier.
Just my $.02's worth.


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Thanks for the input.
Today I shot off (pun intended) an e-mail to Dane Burns to perform a reliability package on a new Pro CDP II .45! :grin: :grin: :grin:
I'm anxious to join the ranks of Kimber .45 owners.

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You can probably delete this topic - has been asked and answered.

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