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What are the basic requirements for an officer to be accepted into your agency's SWAT/SRT?

Unfortunately, in my agency, it has mostly been more cronyism than any actual ability to get on an SRT. :cry: There have been some excellent tactical officers in our agency, but many others would not have made the first cuts in a serious LE SWAT team.

In my agency, each office boss has had the ultimate authority about who would be on their team, or if they were to field a team at all. This has been mostly controlled by the prevalent political winds at any given time. (Our SRT program went to hell in a handbasket during the Billary years, and we are hoping that the pendulum will swing back someday.)

Only our AIR and Marine divisions ever had any real standardized requirements for going through advanced tactics and training.

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I joined our city police force as a reserve with hopes of adding POST certification to the other instructor's certifications I already have and eventually serving as a primary or assistant weapons instructor. I didn't "spring" this news to them right away for fear that they might see me as some "Rambo wannabe". Instead, I waited until they knew I was serious about wanting to contribute to the force before inquiring about the possibility of POST certification and SWAT/SRT involvement. NOW they tell me that, regardless of training or qualification, NO reserve officer can be an instructor nor can they participate as a member of the city SWAT/SRT teams. This is for full time officers only!

Luckily, I have become acquainted with the county SRT team through their instructor (he shoots with our local IDPA club) and have been able to train with them. I am trying to be brought on as a county reserve since the county has no full time restriction about instructors or team participants. Wish me luck.

I can't afford to join full time. My current job pays twice what an officer makes. I don't make all that much, it's just that they make so little - THAT'S a shame!

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The tactical team I am a member of is a regional team comprised of members from various neighboring small departments within the same county. Some departments have one member on the team, other departments as many as ten. I work on a 35 officer department and we have six members assigned to the team. We are considered a "part-time" team by NTOA standards, because each member serves other normal patrol functions but is trained and available for call-outs. (As opposed to a full-time team, which does SWAT training and call-outs round the clock and nothing else).
The tactical team leaders solicit the local departments for members as needed. All of the members on my department, and most of the entire team, have volunteered to be on it. I know of only a few that were assigned by their agency.
Volunteering alone does not guarantee a position, however. You must have served as a full-time officer on your department for three years and have the backing and approval of your chief. One must then attended and pass 56 hour (7 day) school instructed by the team leaders, covering team responsibilities and goals, physical agility testing, range qualification with handgun and sub-gun, room entries, negotiations, etc. We train as a team at least once a month, and bi-annually each member must pass the required handgun, sub-gun, and physical agility standards.

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Mark: Regional Inter-agency teams are, IMHO, a very good thing. You normally get the best of several agencies, instead of settling for just the only talent that one agency can offer.

Regular SWAT training is an issue which is the most important concern to me. I feel, as does the NTOA, that a team should train a minimum of 8 to 16 hours, at least bi-weekly. Eight hours a week is preferred. There is no manager left in my entire agency that will make the time for his or her people to train this frequently, so I have opposed having an active team in my office. This has not been a popular position, especially with new people who wanna kick doors and take names, but once I explain it to them, they begin to understand the liability involved.

There was a time when we did train regularly in one office, but that was right after the L.A. riots and a subsequent major running gun battle that happened in '92. (In that incident, BTW, three good guys got shot and injured, but two bad guys bought the farm, and two other goblins were injured.)

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SWAT requirements

When I tried out for SWAT with Cleveland PD, you had to have a minimum of 3 years on the job - preferably 5. I had been a policeman for over 13 years at that time. First was a physical agility test, consisting of: pullups (max of 20 @ 5 pts. each)
situps (max of 75 in 2 minutes at 1-1/4 pts. each)
pushups (max of 50 non-stop)
3 mile run (18 minutes for full 100 pts.; 1 pt. off for every 10 sec. after
18 minutes)
Total of 400 pts. possible
Second was a written essay-type test, putting in words why you wanted SWAT, and what special qualifications you could bring to SWAT.
Third was a shooting test. At that time, you had to qualify expert with both the Rem. 870 pump and our issue model 10 .38 special (1986).
Fourth was a test in the 'gas house', where you were extensively exposed to tear gas so that your tolerance would be tested.
Finally, an extensive interview with all SWAT supervisors, including one patrolman.
Cleveland SWAT is a full-time unit, and at that time it consisted of 30 officers.
Best 5 years of my life.
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To apply one has to be a year off probation which means 3 years service minimum. The app is then reviewed and commented on by applicant's supervisors for performance in their current duties. Personnel history screened for disciplinary actions as well as comments on semi-annual evals for the preceding 2 years.

Selection board interview in front of the patrol division commander, SWAT commander/XO, a Team leader, a Team member, a psych professional and a citizens review board member. List compiled from that process referred to Team members for peer review and then to the COP for his final approval.

Successful completion of 110-hour in-house selection course which includes PT and weapons qual testing is required.

1 year Team probation during which the FNG serves in perimeter duties (containment, arrest team, gas team) and secondary long rifle position. Completion of selection is rewarded by being 'pinned'.

Separation may be voluntary, or by duty assignment (IAD or Homicide) or by disciplinary action.

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