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Ed Brown in a Ramsom Rest

I recently had to return my Kobra to EB because the hammer began following the slide. Even though this is the second time I have had to return the pistol with fewer than 500 rounds, and as upset as I was about having to pay shipping 2 different times, the service from the Brown family was both fast and courteous. I still like the pistol enough that I bought a Kobra Carry to go with it.

My question relates to the email below from Travis Brown. After giving several reasons for hammer fall, this was a follow-up email from Travis.

"Hello Clay,

Ed reviewed our correspondence this afternoon, and asked that I include another frequent cause, which is putting a gun with a light trigger pull into a Ransom rest, which will quickly ruin the engagement surfaces, which leads to hammer fall.


Travis Brown
Ed Brown Products, Inc"

Has anyone else ever heard of this? I was considering the purchase of a Ransom Rest, but will not if this is the case.
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Old 10-09-2003, 02:01 PM   #2
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I've never heard of this, but when you think about it, it does seem that a Ransom rest would put more stress on a gun than if it were hand held.
I'll be interested to hear others opinions.
Old 10-16-2003, 04:53 PM   #3
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They are the only Company that does not use a RR to test fire the guns they make, and they do not test fire every gun they make, because they say they know how to build a gun and the parts they use... go figure..
A Dan Wesson Pointman comes with its test fired target, guranteed to be less than .870 of inch at 50ft. And they cost way less.... 8)
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I had both the Dan Wesson major and the Patriot. Both of them had the
hammer follow the slide. I sent the Patriot back 1st to Dan Wesson.
When I got it back it did the same thing. The Patriot even would double
fire. the major would just follow the slide. I ended up selling both of them
at a great lost to a gunsmith. I felt I couldn't trust them. This would happen
3 or 4 times per 100rds on each pistol. I didn't want to be scared to fire
my pistols. Being retired and on a fixed income this really hurt to sell them.
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No disrespect for Mr. Brown, I think he is shoveling it a bit. First of all, he offered this as an excuse for your gun's failure without even finding out if it had ever been fired from a ransom rest.

The physics of it say there may be a microscopic difference in stress to the gun firing from hand hold and from rest. This is due to the fact that your hands act as a slight "shock absorber" in that they allow the gun to rock forward and backward in response to forces acting on the gun. The gun rocks to the rear (muzzle rise) at discharge, and then forward some when the slide bangs back into battery.

I suspect the theory being floated by Mr Brown is that in the ransom rest, the slides rearward energy is 100% transmitted to slide velocity which means at the end of the rearward slide stroke (where it hits the frame) it bounces off and heads forward but the hammers inertia makes it "overshoot" and then the hammer spring causes it to drop back against the sear with more force than normal.

So, I suppose there could be a case made that this is "sear abuse". It could also be pointed out that comp guns shooting blazing hot loads with 10# recoil springs which would abuse their trigger parts 100X as bad and yet they somehow manage to work with 2# trigger pulls. This explanation of a problem has a distinct barnyard aroma.
Old 11-10-2003, 03:28 PM   #6
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Holy droppin hammers batman....... I hear more hammer dropping problems with quote factory customs guns.. baer, brown, wilson, ect..
If a guy could fix this, he could make a mint!

Its bull**** that a guy has to send his gun 2X to fix a problem. That means the FACTORY had 3X to repair the gun.

Sorry if this upsets someone, In my line of work if a tech tries 2x and can't fix a problem, He is a hack! and i am talking about state of the art equipment, not century old designs. But in the firearm buisness, it is aceptable.

Old 11-10-2003, 03:57 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by ej45
Sorry if this upsets someone, In my line of work if a tech tries 2x and can't fix a problem, He is a hack! and i am talking about state of the art equipment, not century old designs. But in the firearm buisness, it is aceptable.

It's also acceptable in the software business. Everytime my computer boots up Windows NT it says:

"Service Pack Six"

A "service pack" is a euphamism for a "patch kit" they slap on software that doesn't work. Apparrently Bill and his boys have had SEVEN tries at getting this load of crap to work right.
Old 12-22-2003, 07:20 PM   #8
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Let me see.. The gun gets sent back twice with the same problem, so you buy ANOTHER one 'cause you like it so much???

I'll confess that I have a full-size 2-tone Kobra that sits in my safe. I had to send it back for an ambi safety. It went back becasue it wasn't fitted properly, and I wanted the rear sight staked in place, moveable only by unscrewing the allen screw and using a sight-pusher tool or hammer & drift punch. Since then, it's been fine. (Like I said, it sits in my safe.)

Last 1911 (a Springfield-based GSP) I bought that had to be sent back twice, I sent to a real 1911 pistolsmith - instead of the 'smithy - to get it to run right. I figure things can only get worse if the maker can't get it right after two times runnin'. (Fortunately, the Gunsmithy now has a really competent 'smith running the shop. Wish he'd been there when I ordered my pistol. I likely wouldn't have had any problems.)

Still scratching my head, while shootin' my GSP2000, Colt Gunsite Pistols, and Wilsons...
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Re: Hammer Follow

Originally Posted by jcmios
If you have a finely tuned trigger job and drop the slide with out depressing the trigger you will ruin the sear nose very quickly. The proper way to load or chamber a round is to depress the trigger, insert a loaded magazine and release the slide.
Who says this is the proper way? You? No offense, but it is a poor and dangerous habit to get into.

One of these days you will drop the slide and pull the trigger, instead of pull the trigger and drop the slide. Don't do it. And don't come on this forum implying that this is the proper way to do something that is blatantly dangerous. We will not tolerate someone giving dangerous and reckless advice on this forum, especially if they are stating their OPINIONS as if they were fact.

And please contact Dane or Peter Loron concerning your username. The rules of this site are quite clear - if you are a professional in the firearms industry, you MUST register on this site with your real name.
Old 03-06-2004, 03:45 PM   #10
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Jim, not trying to pick a fight here but I have never heard of your loading procedure. I'm not John Browning's engineer, but I have never done your recomended practice and don't plan on starting now. At the very least that is a good way of potentially getting kicked off a range, or alienating some friends. Just my opinion.............

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