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1911 trigger overtravel adjustment

Does anyone know where I can find information on how to adjust the
trigger over travel on my Kimber 1911 45acp. This gun has an adjustable trigger. [/b]
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OT Adjustment

Howdy shootist,

Just for the sake of dead nuts reliability, I take those things out. :lol:

For those who want it there, I turn the screw in until the hammer won't fall,
and back it out a quarter-turn at a time until it will...and back it out one full turn from there. Before I start, I remove the screw and apply a little
24-hour epoxy to the clean, degreased threads...screw and trigger threads.
Once the adjustment is made, be sure to wipe of any excess glue at
the back of the trigger bow, or you could glue your trigger to the mag catch, and let it cure out before you use it.

Some smiths go a step further and drill and tap the channel for a set screw to keep the adjustment screw from moving, but the epoxy works
well. Check to see if the adjustment screw will turn every time you
detail strip the gun for cleaning, and reapply if necessary.

Luck to ya!

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Make Sure Of One Thing:

The final set point of the screw allows:

the hammer to move past the sear with NO drag at the half cock notch. The half cock (safety) notch usually extends farther out than the full cock notch. It is very easy to set the OT screw where the hammer will fall but the HC notch is dragging on the sear nose as it flies by. That will tear up the sear nose and ruin your trigger job. make sure the trigger has enough range of travel to get the sear completely clear of the hammer when it is pulled all the way back.
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Thanks bountyhunter! Yes. The extra turn usually moves the sear enough to clear the half-cock...but always check. Hold the trigger back
and lower the hammer slowly. If you feel any drag, back it out another quarter-turn and re-check.

Gotta slow down....Gotta slow down. ops:



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