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10mm Ammo in .45 ACP Mags?

Anyone ever use .45 ACP mags in their 10mm 1911?

The Metalform mag that came in my Dan Wesson Pointman 10mm measures .373-.377 across the feed lips (.004 wider in front). My Wilson Combat .45 ACP mags measure .380 across the feed lips. Only .007 wider at the back and only .003 different in front. Not much.

Loading the 10mm rounds in the .45 mags and hand-cycling works better than with the Metalform 10mm mag. Haven't fired it though.
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I didn't have any luck with them in mine....I tried a modified (reshaped
feed lips by Don Williams at The Action Works) Wilson, Metalform and
CMC's with poor reliability. Not saying that will be the case for everyone,
but it's what happened with mine. :-?
Old 09-19-2005, 02:11 AM   #3
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Been there, done that, just doesn't work well. I have four Colt mags made by Metalform, no problems at all.
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That trick worked for me for a few weeks, 'til I could purchase some 9rd. Metalforms for my Delta Elite. Mostly used Wilson .45acp eight rounders (which hold nine 10mm's) but the substitution worked with the McCormicks I tried too.
Old 10-05-2005, 06:35 AM   #5
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Metalform Mags!!!

I tried the 10mm in 45acp mags so I could load 10 rounds and shoot a USPSA match with my Delta. Practicing before the match....everything was going well with the 10mm's in a CMC Power10 45acp mag. Performance in the match was a different story. The rounds would nose up and feed jam.

I bought some of the Metalform 10rd 10mm mags awhile back with a "group order" from this sight. Metalform has a very nice price break with high quantities. We ordered something like 80 mags as a group and I believe I ended up paying about $15 per mag. I actually was out last weekend shooting the Delta and the mags worked flawlessly. Cobra Mag also makes some 10mm mags and not too long ago they dropped their prices to get back into the market. I've heard good things about their mags too.
Old 10-17-2005, 04:01 PM   #6
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I tried all 10mm and 10mm in the 45, except Metalform. And it's always the same, the tight 9th round that causes a jam. Put in eight and it's ok, but not nine.

Latest trick I'll try this weekend...a Wilson .38 Super spring and follower in a McCormick 10mm body. More on that later.
Old 10-20-2005, 01:12 PM   #7
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Finally, after years, I've found the best, most dependable 9rd. mag setup. Yes, it's the McCormick 10mm body with Wilson .38 Super follower and spring. Load it from the top down and wiggle the Wilson follower in and it works. Remember to break-in the spring by loading 9 rds. in the mag for several days.
Old 10-31-2005, 04:59 PM   #8
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Saw this thread a bit late, but just FYI:

I did a range report on Tripp's 9-rd 10mm Cobra mags a while back. It also contains a review & report on Metalform's 10-rd 10mm mags. HTH 8)

Old 11-15-2005, 12:21 AM   #9
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I have finally gotten to the range a couple of times and used the Wilson Combat .45 mags in my 10mm DW Pointman. No feeding problems at all. 9th round goes in easily.

The DW came with an 8 round Metalform with the rounded metal follower. No problems, excellent mag.

I purchased a Metalform 9 round mag with the polymer follower and it works fine except I get a nose-up jam on the last round consistently. The follower and overall quality of the Metalform is excellent, haven't figured out why the last round jam.

Purchased a Tripp 9 round 10mm magazine and a .45 8 round magazine to check them out. I wasn't as impressed.

Haven't fired it yet because I am inclined to return them and get my money back. The feed lips on both mags are not real kosher. The sheet metal edges of the feed lips are not cut sharp and square...being an ex-tool & die maker it looks to me like the blanking punch is worn out, too much clearance, or something. Just a ragged edge. The edges of the feed lips are also not straight. They have a curve to them, when viewed from the top one can see they are bowed out in the center, feed lips are closest together about in the middle. If the feed lips are tapered out a bit wider in front it can aid in feeding but these look to be shaped this way from poor forming vs. being that way by design. As a final insult Tripp stamps their part number into the side of the magazine. Appears to be done AFTER forming and the side of the magazine body is dented in slightly from the stamping. It may not interfer with the follower but for that kind of money I don't expect to see visible dents I also was not real impressed with the finish on the sheetmetal. Looks like raw sheet metal and it is. Appearance is secondary certainly if they function well but the mag just doesn't have a fine finished look.

I will say that Tripp's follower is probably the best I have seen. The sheet metal insert in the hard polymer follower is nothing short of genius.

So far out of Mec Gar, Metalform, Wilson, and Tripp. I would say the Wilson is head and shoulders the best mag and Metalform is good, just doesn't have the removable base plate and I like the polymer follower as a personal preference. The Wilson doesn't have the sheetmetal on the slide latch notch but I haven't heard any reports of this being a problem.

I will add that I have purchased several Wilson Combat .45 mags and the feed lips are clean and square on the edges and parallel. Width between the feed lips is consistent within .002" from mag to mag.

I guess what disappointed me most about the Tripp mags is that they advertise them to hold the round more nose-up and higher for better feeding. They have a photo on their website taken down the barrel of a 1911 showing the bullet tip to be noticeably higher. Well OK, I tried it. Put one round in each different brand mag, inserted each and looked down the barrel. Results: Tripp mag holds the bullet tip LOWER than both Metalforms (8 and 9), Mec Gar, or the Wilson. The Wilson .45 mag with a 10mm cartridge is higher on the bullet tip than any of the others. Same result with the Wilson .45 vs. the Tripp .45. Wilson was higher.

The Tripp 10mm mag doesn't have the ribs pressed into the front of the mag to contain the smaller OD of the 10mm cartridge like a Colt, Metalform, or Mec Gar mag. I have yet to figure out how the ribs are any benefit however since they have no contact on the top round to keep it centered in the mag. The feed lips center the top cartridge on a single stack mag just as in a double stack mag, not the sides of the mag body.

I am going to keep using the Wilson .45 mags in my 10mm and have had an IPSC shooter tell me he has been doing that for years with no problem. Just my 2 cents.
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Just a bit of follow-up news for this old thread:

Wilson Combat has indicated that they'll be producing a CQB in 10mm, and they will re-start production of their 9-rd 10mm mags again. (Check out the 10mm group below, or do a Search over on 1911.com where it's been discussed extensively).

Even if you never get the 10mm CQB, for those who own Deltas, DW Razorbacks, Kimbers, or custom 1911s in 10mm and have been scrounging gunshows and internet classifieds for Wilson's early 10mm mags, this should be good news. 8)

At least then you can cease using the Wilson 45 mags as substitutes for the real deal.

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