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Baer pistol and SWC ammo

Helllo all, I need some advice. I have several 1911 pistols that shoot SWC well and have loaded alot of ammo with the SWC. I bought a Baer Custom Carry that will not tolerate the SWC. It will shoot truncated cone and hard ball fine. Is there a way to get my Baer to reliably handle the SWC since I have several thousand rounds already loaded and be able to stick with one type of practice ammo for all my 1911's? Can anybody recommend a gunsmith who could do the tuning, if possible? Thanks Rob
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Did you check your OAL I run 1.250 in my baer p-ll that's laser-cast 200 swc.
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The overall lenth is important and 1.250 is the standard for any H&G style 200gr.SWC.You may want to check the diameter of your loaded rounds at the crimp.I have also run across feeding problems with this style bullet when using plated bullets.These are normaly seconds that are plated and sold as"Shiny Bullets".If you are using these put a few on a set off electronic scales and the problem will become obvious.
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Thanks for the input. My reloads OAL is 1.250 using Precision Bullets H&G style SWC. I'll check my crimp. I do run all my reloads through a chamber gage but its dimensions may not be as tight as my Baer's chamber.
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Send it back to Baer if the problem is not ammo/magazine related. My 3 Baers feed anything that is within specks and my Custom Carry has fed some loaded out way too long without a burp.

If you are sure of your ammo...don't hesitate to call Baer and tell him of the problems that you are having.

Good Luck, Buddy
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Chamber check some of your ammo with the barrel clean and out of the gun. A pistol chamber smaller than a (correct) gauge is just ridiculous. I would demand that be fixed. There is NO difference in SAAMI .45 ACP standard and National Match chambers. Certainly a gun built for accuracy will be to the small end of specification and minimum tolerances but that does not give them a blank check to cut it undersize.

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