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Which 1911 pistols have integral ramp barrels? Is it really better?

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Guns can be made to run with either, I think it was originally a cost cutting issue as it is cheaper and easier to get good results from a design with larger tolerances and less skilled hand fitting labor.So your odds of the average ramped barrel 1911 running 100% are greater than a non ramped. Sorta alla Kimber external extractor. No one would buy it if they didnt come out with It's better ! but actually was nothing more than a cost cutting measure. Ramped barrels do allow greater pressure so if your pushing the envelope or running an allready high pressure round the advantage is worth while. If I was looking at any but a .45 1911 I would choose a ramped barrel.
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Ramped barrel ?

Sorry, but got to disagree. Almost all the top pistolsmiths will tell you that a single stack 1911 in .45 runs better withe the standard configuration. Check with Novak's, Hilton Yam, and others.

The angle of the one-piece ramp is steeper than the standard configuration, and actually gives more problems feeding. The one-piece ramp was developed when the IPSC crowd began pushing the .38 Super hotter and hotter to make major. It provided better support of the case head. The .45 acp cartridge is much lower pressure and doesn't need the help.

The newer, much shorter guns use bushing-less, ramped barrels because the relationship between the barrel, slide and frame is very different than the 5" 1911.

Some people look at the one-piece ramp as a solution so they can use JHP ammo in aluminum frame guns, like the LW Commander. Now that companies like EGW make a steel frame feed ramp insert (the place that gets chewed up in the frame from JHP ammo), this looks to be the better solution.
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My gunsmith agrees with Boothman's even if he doesn't get his work in the gunzines. Only moreso, he sees no use for an integral ramp in any calibre of 1911 derivative. He has one IPSC Grand Master customer who says he has seen more case head ruptures with integral ramp "fully supported" barrels than standard in .38 Super Major.

I have a couple of guns that came with integral ramp barrels, 9mm Springfields with aluminum frames; and they work a lot better with the ramps recontoured closer to the real 1911 angle. It hasn't reduced case support enough to blow or even bulge brass with standard loads. And I don't overload them, they are IDPA and concealed carry guns, so SAAMI is good enough.
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Of course a gunsmith will tell you standard is better, Their lively hood is based on consumers buying guns that don't work and then being perfectly happy to pay a third party for a reliability job on something that should do that to begin with, You wouldnt do that with a new TV but 1911 buyers do it all the time. Not sure what part you were disagreeing with. Either can run well , just takes a little more precision fitting on a nonramped, as the barrel to frame fit has to be either hand fit or machined to very tight tolerances which translates into money, a manufacturer can get the same results alot cheaper by machining the barrel and ramp in one peice and making the frames with looser tolerances which is much cheaper. Not alot to do with better just cheaper. Your "more ruptured cases in ramped barrels statement" is another example of facts presented in a misleading manner. There will obviously be more ruptured cases in ramped 38 barrels because you have to look long and hard to find anyone running major pf in a nonramped barrel, combined with nearly all Major 38 supers shooting reloaded brass.
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Would anyone like to run some 9 mm major loads through a non-ramped 1911? Probably not, if you have been around one being shot. Come to think of it, I don't want to shoot one anyway.

I have heard the arguments over and over on ramped versus non-ramped barrels. I own both and can't tell the difference in reliability. I just know it I were pushing the envelope I would prefer a ramped barrel for the extra support.

Look at the brass from a Glock .40S&W. I use a special die to size out the guppy belly that is formed from the cartridge case not being fully supported.

9x23 is a pretty hot round and you can buy pistols with or without ramped barrels for it. So which is best?


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