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Extended slide release

I would like to install an extended slide release on my Desert Eagle 1911G.
Does anyone know of one that can be dropped in without any fitting problems?
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I do not know about fitting problems, but I do have a question.
Have you ever shot a 1911 with an extended thumb release? Firing a 1911 with an extended slide stop may require adaptation on the shooter's normal hold.
(Isn't the correct name for that part "slide stop"? A search on Brownells will show a 1911 slide stop and a Glock slide release.)
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Dan is quite correct: it is the Slide Stop.

I've used the Wilson with no worries. However, you should be aware that the length of the lug, that is, how far the slide stop lug intrudes into the mag well, is important to ensure that the slide will lock back on an empty magazine but not one that still has cartridges in. If the lug is too "long," you can dress it back. If it's too "short," you'll have to get a different slide stop.


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I've tried them but They don't work for Me...My feelin is They are useless ....I've never seen any of the top USPSA shooters usein one and never saw any shooter other than D class usein them .....Thing about it is if You shoot the pistol to slide lock You've got a slow reload any way...and in real life that can happen...when I see it come on unexpected in a match theres always a few seconds lost as the shooter figures out what the problem is , drops the mag , has another in the magwell....at that point You've lost Your shootin grip anyway so it should be no problem to hit the JMB designed slide stop....NOW....in real life You shoot that 1911 to slide lock and don't have GOOD cover to reload behind , You might want to call Your folks and tell them" Sell the $#!T house daddy , My aZZ is gone."....Bear in Mind the words are GOOD COVER , not garbage cans , not fire Hydrants , sheetrock or plywood walls, brick verneers, ....Matter of fact I tend to think unless You can carry a 2ft. by 4 ft. 1/2in steel plate around with You all time You ain't gonna have GOOD COVER when school starts....Said all that to say all this....They are useless and They can cause problems....Say Your slide stop pin now measures .200in...You buy another one and the pin measures .195 and I have seen them smaller , now Your barrel is lockin up .005 in. less that it did.....

Wild Bill
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I think the pin diameter is usually BIGGER on aftermarket ones, to increase lockup, no? I can't remember seeing one that was under .200, personally. Though there is plenty I Haven't seen, so it's not beyond reason.

I agree that they're more of use on a competition gun that a carry gun, but to each his own. Really I think the gun needs to be what YOU want it to be. Customization is MANDATORY on a carry gun, IMO. Off the shelf is doable for most, but there is nothing like having a gun set to your specific needs and wants. That's why we're all playing here on Pistolsmiths.com after all, right?

I wouldn't count on ANYTHING worth having being a drop-in fit though. Not in my experience, anyways. The Wilson Bulletproof one, with the shelf as opposed to the pad, is the nicest one, IMO. Oh, Harrison Designs makes one like that now too, I believe. See if you can find pix of em at least. There are soooo many different designs, from mild to wild. I think the Wilson is hardly extended, then there are ones like Kings(I think) that are Suuuper extended. I think that's what was on the guns in Punisher. Find the right part first. It'll be worth fitting or having someone fit it if it's exactly what you want.

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