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Hello. I'm John, and I'm a gun nut. Not a professional gunsmith. But I love guns and shooting and have been tinkering and learning for 2 or 3 decades. 1911 lover.

Spent the last couple weekends filing on a Colt 1991 9mm I picked up around Christmas. I've always been happy to tinker, change parts, fix anything broken, polish and adjust internals on 1911's and others. But I never worked up the nerve to actually take a file to the frame of an 800 - 1000 dollar pistol when a decent base and drop in parts did the job.

Anyway, I wanted a beavertail on the 9 and ordered a WC part and the jig for cutting the frame down to match. Install went OK, lots of slow filing and fitting, took quite a bit longer than I would have guessed. I'm happy with the result. Found this forum while searching for info on hand fitting it to the Colt. Spent the last two evenings hand filing the bottom of the frame "mag funnel". It's stainless so I like how I can just do whatever to it and polish it out and not worry about bluing or anything. I'll post pics probably tomorrow in the 1911 section. Busy drinking beer and reading gun stuff on the internet right now.

Thanks for having me!
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Welcome to Pistolsmith!
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I am new here, and wish to enjoy my stay!

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