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What is your first choice in selecting a match barrel or should I phrase it as which is better in terms of accuracy and built quality? We are talking about shooting factory full metal jacket bullet here.
The popular ones are the Barsto, Schuemann and Nowlin barrels. Schuemann seems to have an edge in technology like their AET stuff on their barrel. Any opinion from you guys out there. Thank you.
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Though lots of people feel that the Barsto shoots ball better, I haven't found that to be true in the pistols I've built. Just a matter of personal experience of course. I'm told the Marines still like to use them, but then they replace them quite often. I've always agreed with Jim Clark that the stainless barrels just don't last long enough...especially with ball rounds. So, for that reason, and the fact that I've had really good accuracy from Fred Kart's barrels, that's what I use most of the time.
I recently read that stuff over on the Schuemann site and it really sounds interesting. I may have to try those barrels. I no longer have my barrel tester (wish I did) but I'm sure the guy I sold it to would do some testing for me. That's going to happen shortly but until then, I'll stick to the Kart. Besides, I never did like the long wait for a Barsto!
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Bob Brown,
Thanks for your reply and just do you mean by shooting 'ball'. We shoot only factory jacketed bullet and does it make any difference. Some say that the Barsto shootes both lead and jacketed bullet better than most . I like Schuemann barrel with the AET stuff. Been told that is hard to fit if you are not using SV stuff.
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GI Ball ammo. 230 grain full metal jacket. 825 feet per second out of the bullet launcher. I like Ed Browns Bull Barrels the best. If Fred Kart makes one, that would be my first choice. Jacketed bullets wear out barrels 10 times quicker than lead bullets.I carry GI Ball, but I don't shoot it. I shoot lead in my guns because I make 'em myself.
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