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Need Hornady 185 XTP, 45 ACP load data

I posted this in the 45 ACP. But I have not had a responce. I bought a box of Hornady 185 XTP, 45 ACP bullets. The only powder that I have got is Unquie. On Alliant's web site, they have load data for a 185 JHP using 8.2 grains of Unique. So I loaded up 50 rounds using 7.5 grains of Unquie. Some people that have the Hornady reload manual say that Hornady doesn't list Unique powder for the 185 XTP. So I am stumped as what to do. One of the guys that works at the place that I buy my reloading supplies told me to use the load data for the 185 JHP using Unique. My #13 Speer manual list a 185 Gold Dot HP, using up to 8.2 grains of Unique. I just ordered Hornady 6th edition reloading manuals from Cabela's. Just my luck, it is on back order till 1-7-04. Thanks, gearyr.
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Unique with 185 JHP

Lee's manual says anywhere from 5.7 to 8.2. Hornaday's 3ed says 4.7 to 8.9. I think that I would start on the low side, as I always do and work up. It sounds complicated but it really isn't. Start with about 5.5, and load 10 rounds. Mark them so you know which they are. I use different color felt markers, non permanent. Then 10 with 5.7, 5.9 etc to the max og whichever of the above you choose. As you are firing these check for function and accuracy. Then check he expended brass, each on immediately after firing, for signs of excessive pressure, flattened priimers, firing pin hole splatter, etc. If these signs exist before you reach the max load, do not proceed. Go back to the previous load and consider it the max for you particular lot of powder. When you buy new powder, do not use the max load you developed without checking for the above signs above. All powders vary from lot to lot and these variations can affect pressure.

Again, this is just my advice and you should follow the books directions. THey arll are basically the same, except for load data.
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I suggest calling Hornady @ 800-338-3220 and then 3 on the menu for a tech rep.

They (Bob) will help you with any of their bullets over any powder that is applicable.

That's what I did as most of the bullets I shoot are Hornady and their books seem to be in short supply in my area. I then created my own data book using excell and the info they gave me for all the firearms I have. (Documented by who gave me the info when/where ect.)

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The Midway LoadMAP has both the Hornady 185 XTP and Unique Powder. The LoadMAP was copyrighted in 1998. I think that was before Unique got reformulated. I recall reading that the data for the new Unique is the same, but I'm not sure. The LoadMAP covers loads from 5.4 grains to 8.6 grains in .2 grain increments. I included below a few of them:

Charge psi fps
5.8 10600 701
6.6 13500 808
7.4 16500 914
8.0 18700 994
8.6 21000 1074 Maximum

Midway warns that the loader should not use less than 5.4 grains and increase powder by .1 grain in their "yellow" zone, which begins at 8.0 grains.

The test gun is a 5" H-S Precision test barrel with a 1:16" twist using a universal receiver. The primer is a Remington 2-1/2 with Remington brass. The COL was 1.269 and the cases were trimmed to .888".

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I have had questions about reloading data using Alliant powder. If you go to, Click on the contact us option and ask your question. I have always got a quick response. :wink:

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