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AL-5 by Alcan

Picked up some old powder, named AL-5. It is still good and I would like to load it (can't throw anything out!) ANY advice, info or loads??
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I have some myself but no reloading info, Also have some AL 7, same thing no info.
As far as unsing it, sure , if it has been stored in a cool dry place it should be fine.
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I was in the same boat 6 months ago.
I had 2 pounds of perfectly good AL-8 without info on it.
If you can find a buddy with older reloading manuals you should be set.
I have a mid 1980's reloading manual published by the NRA that I will look for info to help you out, just give me a few days.
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.32 S&W Long
84g RCBS 32-84 RN 3.2g Alcan AL-5 819fps 1.280" OAL 1.25" group

.357 Magnum
158g Norma JHP 9.5g Alcan AL-5 1220fps (6.5" barrel) 1.590" OAL

185g Hornady JHP 9.0g Alcan AL-5 911fps MAX LOAD! 1.275" OAL

185g Speer SWC 7.0g Alcan AL-5 713fps accurate target load 1.275" OAL

200g Hornady SWC 7.0g Alcan AL-5 763fps (6.5g too light for functioning) 1.275" OAL

200g Speer SWC 8.0g Alcan AL-5 845fps 1.275" OAL

.45 Colt
240g Shur-X SWC 9.5g Alcan AL-5 838fps very accurate 1.600" OAL

All data was extrapolated from

OAL listed is max for cartridge, actual OAL not listed
Old 02-05-2004, 09:45 AM   #5
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Here is some .38 Special data too (look for it within the table)
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I spent the afternoon looking through my old (?) manuals and there was no Alcan data listed.
Alcan is in the powder burn rate chart but not in the load data
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Speer No 9 has data for the Alcan powders in several pistol cartridges. By their load tabulation, Al 5, 7, and 8 all fall between Unique and Blue Dot.

What caliber and bullet weight do you want to use it up in, Distinguished?
I'll put in some specific loads but don't want to type out the whole book.

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