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7mm-08 from .308 brass

I have a large quantity of .308 brass and no .308 rifle. I recently bought a 7mm-08 rifle and was considering trying to make some brass from the .308. I know the .308 is the parent cartridge, so how much trouble will it be? Just a simple resize and trim? Is it worth the effort?
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You will probably have to inside ream the neck as well, but I gues it could be done. Whether or not it is worth the trouble is up to you.

The headstamps will still say .308. I suppose you could challenge a .308 shooter to a match and offer your special ammo for him to use. The 7mm bullets bouncing down his 30 caliber bore won't be very accurate. :wink:
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Thanks. I plan on giving a good portion to a fellow shooter I recently discovered shoots .308 but I may keep a hundred or so to play with. It was free to me, so I'm loosing nothing but time.
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.308 can be necked down to 7mm-08, but the case necks will need to be reamed and the necking down process tends to work harden the neck, so case mouths may split prematurely. Re-annealing might improve case life.
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No reaming will be necessary, even with military brass. If anything, the resulting case will be such that the neck won't be worked as much during subsequent sizing.
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The neck diameter of a loaded round should not be bigger than .315" (7mm-08)This is the maxmum diameter allowed.(check to see if this is the correct dia. i got it off the internet) If the loaded rounds neck diameter is bigger then allowed, pressure can build by not letting the bullet out of the case on firing. It the diameter is to big, then neck turning is need.

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