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Small pistol primers vs Small rifle primers

Does anybody have experience substituting small rifle primers in the place of small pistol primers? I've heard that this was possible, that some of the competition pistol shooters load exclusively with small rifle primers because this gives positive ignition and also reduces the amount of powder needed. The only down side that I've been told about was that the small rifle had a "harder cup" and the shooter could experience a light primer strike using these. I've primed some brass with some, and had not a single one misfire, so that doesn't seem to be a problem. But without sufficient reloading data, I don't want to "experiment" with loads without knowing the difference. If someone has already "crossed that bridge", I'd appreciate the help.
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I have heard the same thing and that small rifle primers are excellent for 9mm +p loads, but I think you do want to work up the loads - I bet something like a 9mm 1911 or BHP would work fine, but my Sigs do not hit as hard and I understand that Glocks may not either,
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I'm loading almost exclusively for the Glocks and in my own, have lightened springs and titanium strikers. As I said, just trying some of the WSR primers during some down time, I didn't experience a single misfire. And, I'm interested in loading for the 40 S&W. I know that I would probably have to start from scratch and work up a new load due to the different burn rate, but I've got a substantial supply of the WSR primers.........more than I plan to load in .223, so I thought about working up a load with them. I know that a lot of shooters that shoot open guns with HOT loads use them, but I haven't heard of anyone using them on a regular load.

Looking back through this forum, I even found several persons stating that they used them in their loads.

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I don't use SR primers, but do use magnums sometimes. They alter the ballistics of the load enough to affect group size. I got lucky the other day and substituted WSPM for WSP by mistake. The groups shrunk in half!
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I load with small rifle primers in my 9x23. It was recommended by Mr. Burns and others as a safety measure for hot loads.

I am using them in 1911's and have never had one fail to fire, that I can remember. I don't see a lot of difference in them and can't see where it would hurt to use them as long as you pistol will set them off.

As always work up loads slowly. I have not noticed a difference, but there may very well be a difference.

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In my trials of the small primer .45NT brass, I found that a Small Pistol Magnum primer gave higher velocity than a Small Rifle Standard.

I have shot a fair number of 9mms with Federal Small Rifle Standard; loads are below maximum and performance is fine. In IDPA guns, a 17 lb 1911 mainspring will fire them 100% but a 17 lb Sig-Sauer will not, so I had to go up a pound for reliability.

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