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What would be the safest way to store gunpowder? I live in a small apartment and if a fire broke it would almost assuredly get to my loading bench. I know it wouldn't be a bomb like explosion but it probably wouldn't help the situation either.
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I keep mine locked up in my gun safe.
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What precisely are we dealing with; TRUE gunpowder; i.e., black powder for muzzleloaders and fireworks, or smokeless powder, which is a propellant?

Cool, dry, and secure are the necessary elements for the safe, extended storage of either; however, you do NOT want either in a tightly secured container. Powder comes in cardboard/foil, plastic, or thin metal containers for a reason: NOT to contain the expansion and thus cause an explosion. In an open area, smokeless just burns, and inefficiently at that. It needs a tight space and high pressure to burn cleanly and efficiently.

BLACK powder will burn at the same rate - explode - regardless of pressure. Unlike smokeless, it is very hygroscopic (absorbs moisture), shock and spark-sensitive, and becomes less stable over time.

Since you are in an apartment, I would not store more than a pound or two at a time, and in a loose container (I use a wooden box with no lock; loaded ammo goes in a light metal cabinet garages get from suppliers who sell them aerosols).

If kids are involved, more security is required.

Stay safe!
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How much powder can you store before you need a "bunker". And what are the requirements of such a bunker?

This is just a for my own education.
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Kavall this all depends on your location. Best way to find out for certain go to your state website look under legislation. Then read for a couple hours and the info will pop right out at you. LOL

So many laws that they really don't want you to know about.

Dan O
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Usually the powder storage requirements are covered under vatious fire codes. Here are some general guidelines/rules to get you going and keep your home owners insurance good.

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A very good, helpful source is your local fire inspector, just call your nearest fire dept. for info.
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I keep mine on the fireplace mantel.
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Use caution in the fire chief contact thingy if you live in one of the gun hating states. Emil gives excellent advice, but you need to understand that not all fire chiefs are created equal...nuf said.

Black powder we keep in a locked fire resistant job box, away from any source of flame and away from the house. Smokeless powder, in a cool dry place.
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Where I live, if you have a house fire and there is a single round of ammunition or any quantity of reloading components such as primers or powder therein, the firemen will back off a few hundred yards and let it burn.

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