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p220 extended sport control issue

Has anyone had any problems with the extended sport controls on sigs p220s ? I am planning on buying a new sig P220 LE and the only thing that bothers me, is these extended sport contols dont look very strong,they also may be a problem for snagging onto a holster. Any thoughts pro or con would be appreciated....(TIA)
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Extended controls


I saw you post this question on the other forum where I lurk but am not a member as they don't allow those with only yahoo or hotmail accounts to join (I guess that's the reason if I understand correctly from their cite :-? ).

Anyhow, I presume you're looking at a Langdon Edition 220? I handled one and I don't recall that controls being inordinately larger per se than the standard model. By that I mean I don't recall there being that much extra material, except for the mag release, which was slightly extended. The extended controls I think are just fashioned/bent to stand out a little further from the frame to make them a little easiler/faster to activate at speed. On the Langdon model, I don't think there is that much extra material on the controls. In other words, I don't think strenght is going to be a problem.

(FWIW, the literature I read on Mr. Langdon's personal 220, aside from the 2 lb. SA trigger, beavertail, mag funnel, lightened slide, etc, was that he had his own slide stop that was actually slimmer/smaller than the factory original. I don't believe this unit was carried over to the production model.)

As to the snagging issue, that could be a matter of more concern. I don't think it might matter as much with the Langdon model. I don't recall how 'extended' the slide stop and decocker were exactly on this model, but I don't recall them to be as pronounced as the say the 220 Sport, which definitely had the levers arranged more out from the frame.

If the Langdon's are extended, holster selection is going to have to be taken into consideration. You'll may have to avoid some of the super snug leather units with extended sweat/body shields/tabs. Langdon still sells a really nice swede lined Kydex holster which is what I use with my 220ST for local matches.

In any event, if you have the opportunity to obtain a Langdon model, I would. They have started disappearing from shelves as Langdon and Sig parted ways :-? (too bad, I've spoken with Langdon and seems like a very nice guy). Had I the funds (my plans to win the lottery are taking a little longer than expected), I was planning on getting two of them, tuning one for competition through Langdon, and the other for more for self defensive purposes through SIG (replace the fiber optic front sight with a SIGLITE unit and a trigger job, couple other things). I think they are that good of a pistol. If I can find a good one, I might still pick it up, but with possible collector value, I doubt I would shoot it as much, if at all.

In any event, these are my recollections. I am sure the members on the other board will be able to give you a more specific answer.

Hope this helps.

Stay safe,
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boss thanks for all your input, however it is the sportstock that im looking at buying which is the september 05 limited edition which is around a 1000.00 dollars, i wish it was the langdon but that is beyond my financial reach right now as well, but i do appreciate your knowledge on the langdon as i have somewhat considered it as well,once again ......thank you very much.
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I've handled a few Sigs with the extended levers but never carried one. Neither lever gets a lot of stress on the "control end" so I wouldn't be too worried about them breaking. Personally, I don't see the need for them on a carry gun because the stock levers work fine.

You could always replace them with stock levers and sell the extended levers on Sigforum.com.
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your right decided to use ruger p93 as a carry gun.

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