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S&W mod 41 improvements

What are the most usual and useful improvements for a mod 41pistol?
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Tuning the mags.

Replacing the barrel.

Fixing the alignment issue between the block insert in the slide and the chamber.

Try checking out http://www.clarkcustomguns.com/
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things to do on a mod 41

Check the extractor for end play. If there is end play you will catch empties crossways with the new round feeding. Check the safety to see that it doesnt work its way up while firing. It will happen when the rear bone in your thumb contacts it while shooting. If you have either of these problems, let me know and Ill show you how to cxorrect. Ive explained these two items before but will do it again if neccesary
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I've replace my barrel with A Clark Bullseye piece and also had Clark do a trigger job.

The only other mechanical modification I've made was to recountour the safety tang and tighten the tension on the safety spring plate to stop from inadvertantly engaging it. Everything still works, but will only engage when I intend it to.
Old 02-21-2004, 05:21 AM   #5
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meh 92
Notice much difference with the Clark bullseye barrel? Is it more accurate than the factory barrel? Do you use it for bullseye? Does the lighter weight make much difference? How much improvement in the trigger?
I use a stock 41 with an Ultradot site for bullseye. I am at the sharpshooter level. My gun functions great with CCI standard velocity. The trigger and accuracy are good. Curious about making it better though.

Just sawanother post from you. Answers most of my questions. So...thanks!

meh had written:
Clarks told me the same thing a few years ago at Camp Perry. They do all the final finish work on a S&W blank.

I've have fantastic performance with my Clark barrel. It shoots better than the factory one and is substantially lighter, which helps when shooting 2700's. Also, scopes can be mounted closer to the bore axis since no additional mounting hardware is needed.

I highly recommend the Clark barrel. I'm not aware of anyone making a stainless barrel for the 41, but you might consider having Clark piece hard-chromed.
Old 02-21-2004, 12:29 PM   #6
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Location: Cleveland, OH
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I never had any reliability or acuracy prpblems with my stock barrel. I changed to a Clark because it is lighter and allows for an overall lower mounting of the red dot sight. The difference in weight is very noticible and makes a difference when shooting longer matches such as 2700's.

I shoot both (50') indoor and (50yd/25yd) outdoor bullseye. From a machine rest the gun will hold the X-ring on NRA 50 yd and 50 ft slow fire targets, respectively. My ammunition of choice is CCI standard velocity. I tried more expensive "match" ammunitions and did not notice enough of a difference to justify the extra cost.

My stock trigger wasn't too bad but after about 10K-15K rounds had developed a little bit of annoying creep. Clark did a trigger job and now it breaks absolutely clean at 2.75 lbs. I am very satisfied with the trigger job.

I gave my 41 to Jim Clark at Camp Perry and had it back one month later. Hope this helps.

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