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Removing the safety from a S&W auto

Can someone walk me through the proper procedure in removing the manual safety from my S&W 3913 frame? i have already taken off the right side lever. i need to know how to take out the safety "body" as i want to mill down the protruding post flush with the frame. i feel as though i can do this alteration myself,but need your expertise & guidance. thank you.
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From the rear of the slide, use a punch to push the firing pin in as far as it will go. You will have to push in on the silver plunger on the underside of the slide to do this. Let the plunger go to lock the firing pin in the forward position.

Carefully drift the safety out to the left. It has a small plunger and spring that will pop out as well. You may have to push the firing pin a bit more, and rotate the safety downwards a bit as well.
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KurtC has pretty much covered it. Here are a few more things that may help:

Wear safety glasses since there are springs that can launch when you remove the safety.

If your pistol has an ambi safety lever you need to remove that first. Depress the detent in the center of the ambi lever with a punch and slowly slide the lever forward out of it's slot. The detent is spring loaded so capture it with your thumb as you remove the safety lever. Remove the detent and spring before you remove the rest of the safety.

Put the safety in the up or "fire" position before you depress the firing pin safety plunger and the firing pin. Once you have captured the firing pin in the forward position like Kurt described, hold the slide in your hand with the muzzle facing down. Put some pressure on the right side of the safety with your finger and push the firing pin all the way forward with a punch. As soon as you feel the safety move to the left, rotate the safety lever down to about 5:00 and remove the punch. The safety should now come out easily. Like Kurt said, work slowly and capture the plunger with your finger before it launches.

You can leave the firing pin locked in the forward position or you can remove it. Put your thumb over the rear of the slide and depress the firing pin safety plunger again. The firing pin will snap against your thumb since it is under spring tension. Continue to depress the firing pin safety plunger and remove the firing pin and spring.

Reassemble in the reverse order. Make sure you function test both the safety/decock and the firing pin safety after you reassemble it. If you are unsure about any part of this procedure, take it to a professional and have them do it.
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thank you Kurt & Dave, your instructions were great, it worked.ill let you know how my project turnes out.

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