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S&W has taken over as US sales/marketer for Walther. The standard S&W Model 99 and the Walther Model 99 are the same thing. HOWEVER...Under the Walther name ONLY, they market something called the Model 99 QA. The QA stands for "Quick Action" and is designed for competition. I shot one of these over the weekend and it is the finest out of the box stock service 9mm I have ever fired. Think of a Glock 34 trigger that's firm, not mushy. The grip is sculpted so that it has an exquisite fit in your hand. Accuracy is on par with the best I have ever shot. If anyone out there is searching for a new IDPA gun, do yourself a favor and check this one out.

One word of warning. ALL of the gun shops we talked to were completely clueless on the difference between the regular Model 99 and the Model 99 QA. A couple of shops told us there was no such thing. A phone call to Smith and Wesson might be required to set them straight.

Best Wishes, Mark Shuell.
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You need to do further research on the two guns. The SW99 and the Walther P99 ARE NOT the same gun.

Walther supplies the frame to S&W for the SW99 with a slightly different configuration. S&W in turn makes the upper assembly under Walther license here in the US. It is also different than the German P99 upper.

The Walther P99 pistol is made entirely in Germany and they are proof marked as such. The SW99 does not have the German proof marks and knowledgeable buyers look for the proof marks before buying.

The only thing that Walther does not make for the gun is the magazine and that is made by Mec-Gar in Italy.

There are many threads containing a wealth of information on The Firing Line concerning the P99.

Also, visit my web site for Walthet P99 pics and info.

Jim's Web Site

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