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XD 40 Service Model Misfire Problems

I just purchased the XD 40 Service Model, Wendsday. The gun seems to be very accurate. I do have some trouble with my shots pulling to the left a little. But I think the problem is my trigger finger placement.

I took it out yesterday and at about the 30th rd. of PMC FMJ's, the bullet FTF. Just a click. I took the bullet out and the firing pin mark was on the primer. So, I reloaded the bullet and it worked fine. I had no more FTF's in the next 20 rds. that I fired.

However, today I took it back out and shot Remington UMC FMJ's. Again, on about the 30th rd. it FTF. But, this time there was no firing pin mark on the primer. Reloaded and it worked fine and I had no more problems.

Have any of you guys ran into this problem or know what is causing it? Thanks for any and all help.
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Old 11-27-2003, 08:43 PM   #2
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It sounds like you may need a new firing pin spring or there is something in the firing pin channel. I have the disassembly instructions If you need them at xdtalk.com
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No firing pin mark is a problem. Sounds like some crud buildup in the channel but that is very unusual with an XD since like SiGs, the XD holds the firing pin out for an extended period of time to block the channel.

Is this a new gun? If so, I would definitely do a good cleaning job and shoot some more. If it happens again I'd call SA and see about getting it sent back.
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Could be worse...

I saw two, a 4 and 5 inch, that would occasionally chamber a round, but the striker would not cock and the trigger would not reset. Don't see how that is possible, but they both did it several times.

Fired round ejected, round fed into chamber, trigger did not reset... owner traded them away (with full disclosure of problem) rather than fix them.
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wolff now has replacement firing pin springs that are extra power for the xd any sized.

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