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Old 05-01-2002, 07:03 AM   #1
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- Can u please give your comments on the SVI Infinity in 9mm.
- Is this a good gun, is it durable, accurate and is it as good as COLT Government 9mm.
- Do you recommend the Infinity in 9mm? Use mostly for Self defence, combat, sharpe shooting. If you got to choose one, which do you take and why?
- Are there any other guns in 9mm that you recommend; such as HK USPCompact, HK P7M8, S&W m3913, m5906, SIGs, Glock 26/19, and others.
- What are the most accurate, durable, reliable, and overall the best 9mm that you prefers. Thank you.

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Old 05-01-2002, 07:14 AM   #2
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I have an Infinity; a 9x23 Open (race) gun. These firearms are the Formula 1 Ferrari's of the firearms world; yes, all of us can shift, steer, and brake just as all of us can load a mag, aim, and pull the trigger.

The bottom line is that about 10% of the population - if that - can use either instrument to its full potential. That said, they are a heck of lot of fun and will impress the natives....

It sounds as if you are contemplating a more general use. Remember that Sandy will build you a custom gun; the level of specificity as to trigger, hammer, barrel design, caliber, and grip is staggering. SVI's GunBuilder program runs about 8 pages of selections.

My question is, why 9 mm? With far more effective calibers available, you might want to opt for .40 S&W or .38 Super.

Whatever you get, you will enjoy speccing it out and shooting it. Have fun.
Old 05-01-2002, 09:49 AM   #3
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A 9mm Infinity single stack, double stack, or compact double stack would: 1) rock your world; 2) set you back plenty-a-Benjamin.

For a good single stack 5" with lots of goodies at a much lower price check out the Springfield Armory Loaded model
Old 06-22-2002, 12:45 PM   #4
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I've got a SV Infinity Crown in 9mm with the alloy frame. Truly a wonderful pistol.
Old 06-23-2002, 04:05 AM   #5
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Here is what I know about Infinity pistols, I've shot a couple and read up on them a bit. Even considered getting one myself a while ago.

In general, very good quality product. The guns I handled were very accurate and very reliable when kept nice & clean. Both were also picky about what ammo they would feed and started acting flaky when they got dirty (from shooting, not abuse). But to be fair, this required a round count of several hundred. Also, if you are talking a double-stack gun the pre-ban high capacity magazines are expensive and hard to find. Basically, I never got one because I could never find any of the pre-ban high capacity magazines in the caliber I wanted (.40/10mm). They make the relatively hard to find Glock 20 15-rounders look like they grow on trees by comparison. That may not be an issue in Thailand, in which case you can get all the 20-round magazines you want right from SV for about US$ 30.

The Infinity is much, much higher quality -- and much more EXPENSIVE (3-4x the price) -- than the other guns you mentioned. A basic Colt Government Model is crude and primitive by comparison. But Colt prices aren't mysterious. Last I checked the SV website doesn't even list prices for the things, because if you have to ask it costs too much. Easily a couple thousand dollars.

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